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Wall of Shame (People who were banned or demoted and why)

Joethehobo5: "This isn't a dictatorship is it?"
Vashal: "Well, it is kinda"
Hankscorpiouk: "This IS an absolute dictatorship"
Hankscorpiouk: "But I try to make it a benevolent one"


Evolution passed the following by....
(*but they can still prove me wrong)

Feel free to point and laugh at them, as well as throw stuff at them, eggs etc.  Incoming Mausoleum of the Mundane (™) where you can actually do this ingame! :)





($99 for unban - 3 strikes and no unbanning at all)


* Vaughnmalamut- Troll, too immature

* PrivatePartsHax- Hacker

* itsayden- op failings

* 2_foot_elf- Troll

* EL1TEGAMER1- Troll

* MachineforPigz / Chris - 3 strikes, GTFO (for repeatedly arguing with other members, for repeatedly calling the server, "shit" without suggesting how we, "fix" it, for spawning and keeping stuff he wasn't supposed to have (even if he might never have used/sold it), for getting into huge argument with repeated personal insults against the server owner and his family, and totally mishandling his ban, and for repeatedly having a unhelpful demanding freeloading attitude - worst troll in server's 3.5 year history!)

* gator1022 - 3 strikes - with Rocker; Hacking/Griefing, trolling and implied blackmail/extortion (more info)

* rocker1234567891 - 3 strikes - with Gator; Hacking/Griefing, trolling and implied blackmail/extortion (more info)




People with temp-bans are expected to vote for us when they get back, as a condition of getting a 2nd chance.  If you are unwilling to vote, then that must mean you don't like us, in which case why do you want to come back?


Can be reduced with fine

(how long for is upto them - pay fine of $5 for every week, or $15 for every month, that you want to reduce time by)

* Phillis - until February 14 2262 for lying to Hank, lying to an op.  And for the lies being about an op.  And for the serious accussation about placing TNT and griefing.

* ladt2000 - until August 15 - Does it upset you?  Then YOU "need to calm down".




Cannot be reduced with fine

* Nickersy until IDK (it's upto you really Nick) - op failures, and talking to new members like crap while under VIP rank (just keep digging!)







shanemalamut1- op failures, doesn't want to be here apparently  :(



 Probation (they can come in, but they're under strict evaluation)

Joethehobo5 (Got into fight with JuniorMod and SeniorAdmin.  Bad attitude.  Hardcore trolling)

* Lgotpower (Trolled a few times.  Seems to think "donating is for chumps")

* Daft_Peanut (Griefed admin's pixelart and Manu's castle at main creative world - don't worry they can easily be restored from backups so wasted effort DP)


 If you are sure you have now escaped the primordial ooze and rejoined civilzation, then use THIS form to prove it to us.  You (if Hank CBA letting you have an account here), can also try proving it via the FORUMS.  Make sure you're ready otherwise you'll get perma'd.




Please note: the screenshot is just for demonstration purposes only and these members are not banned.



Appeal against your punishment


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