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Best Minecraft, Tekkit, Snapshot, Terrafirmacraft and B-Team Servers in the known Multiverse....he said modestly

Whitelist Application

Welcome to the
KMCS Whitelist Application Form!

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Here at KMCS we pride ourselves in consistently offering the player extraordinary quality, and part of that entails ensuring that only the most mature, intelligent and friendly members come here. If you consider yourself in this category and would like to play with similar people, then please continue....please note all of our servers are 18+

Don't worry, only the questions marked with an * are mandatory, however, the more questions you answer thoughtfully, the better you will do.

Also if you want to bypass the application process, because you're < 18 etc, you can do so <here>, but it's not free.

You will also need to make a post in the forums, saying Hello and briefly introducing yourself.

Which of our server(s) appeal to you the most?
Bukkit (our first ever server - loaded with plugins!)
Tekkit (loaded with mods for doing stuff in space and making crazy machines!)
Snapshot (the VERY latest prerelease stuff from Mojang!)
Terrafirmacraft ("How survival was meant to be played!")
Attack of the B-Team

What parts of Tekkit, if any, do you, or might you, like the most (OPTIONAL)?
GalactiCraft (mining and building on other planets!)
ComputerCraft (building computer components and coding)
BuildCraft (Quarries, pipes and pumps. Create a dream factory!)
ThermalExpansio (Dozens of factory improvements: ore processing, energy conduits, and liquiducts)
DimensionalDoors (Create your very own pocket dimension)
ModularPowersuits (Build infinitely configurable suits with dozens of special powers)
MineFactory Reloaded (Automate everything! Farm, ranch, and build crazy conveyor belt networks!)


** To prove you are older than 18 please send a photo or scan of your ID verifying that.  Attach and send to [hankscorpiouk] AT [gmail] DOT [com].  You can redact sensitive details like surnames/addresses if you wish.  Also please note that no-one besides Hank (the owner) ever sees any personal data of yours.  It is NEVER passed on and it is NEVER (and NEVER will be) sold.

We are certainly willing to consider under 18's in special circumstances.

Also, please do not abuse this form, all IP addresses are logged.

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