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         What is FoK?        

(Friends of KMCS!)



If you don't have a website you can make a quick and simple page with webs.com, 1and1 etc.  If you do have one, then, well, good :P

....Once you have your page or site you can make money with AdSense, the Amazon affiliate programme or by Selling our server perks - and many other means.

Here is an example of affiliate marketing with Amazon done very well.  And it doesn't have to be books that you link to either, could be pretty much anything you help them sell.


Benefits of FoK

* Free textual and/or graphical Links to your site from here.

* Your own subforum in our forums.

* Possibility of making money.

* Rewards associated with Advertiser rank.

* Store-credit here.

* A place in our Credits and Thanks page (if you want that).

* Your own presence on the web!


This could be especially useful if you designed one of our WebStore images as you get 25% of all profits for that product.  Even if you didn't design an image for one of our WebStore products you can still earn money as a Seller for us by simply linking to our packages!  If you do both and get a steady stream of people to your page you could earn more money than you know what to do with lol

Another benefit could be that it looks good on your CV/Resume.


Your Page could say as little or as much as you want, and could be about literally anything you want. 

You could have nothing but a plain text link to us, or a colourful multi-page site about your favourite subject. 


If you have nothing but the link to us, a plain textual one, we will give you $50 of store-credit to use how you want here (lots of diamond armour perhaps?), however if you have some decent (interesting/useful/popular) content, and link to us via a banner or logo, there we will make that $100 - you'll also be more likely to attract visitors to your page which is generally a good thing ;)



Checkout this relevant vid->



Well, the guy in that vid is an example of someone who has made a fortune from having AdSense on his web stuff.


* We encourage using AdSense on your page(s).

* We encourage linking to us multiple times Inc via a/our banner.
* We encourage you to advertise your page far and wide to increase traffic, revenue and SEO score.

 Further suggestions-> You could link to your YT channel, your FB, your Twitter etc from there to increase page view and followers count.  You could also enable the "monetization" option on your YouTube channel if you have one.

 - T&C/Conditions (important, please read):
1) Remember this is only valid whilst you have a valid link to us - never remove your page, or the link to us, or we'll ban you from all our servers, plus removal of our reciprocal link.
2) Any content on your page must be legal, and must not harm the image or interests of KMCS.

Click here to discuss this further with us :)



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