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 Useful Downloads


Perhaps you could use one, or more, of the following tools to produce content of various kinds for KMCS.  Of course, you will be rewarded for your efforts, especially if they're good.  These rewards entail promotion :)

Downloads NOT hosted by us

Make your own Minecraft skins


Technic Platform/Launcher (from official site) for playing Tekkit servers, especially at KMCS :P




Downloads hosted by us

Achievements Editor

Technic Platform/Launcher for Windows (emergency copy) for playing Tekkit servers, especially at KMCS :P

- Only use this version hosted by us if the official site is down as we can't guarantee the newest version will always be here.





2D graphics, for making posters, logos, banner-ads, CafePress designs etc.

Make your own 2D graphics with this free, but powerful tool - paint.net

The Gimp is similar to paint.net in that it lets you create 2D art, however it is much more powerful, while also remaining free.  However it's considered to have quite a learning curve.

3D stuff

Blender3D - Free, but VERY powerful.

This is Milkshape3D, it does have a very small cost, and isn't as powerful as Blender, but is MUCH easier to learn.


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