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Just some of my recent game-programming experiments ;)



Click one of the links to see the awesomeness :)



Best viewed on Windows PC!





NEWSFLASH:  I MADE Pong!!!!  And not just in the bathroom :O

Check it out!



Also Lezball now updated to version 1b!

Made new thing called Roadthing1 - lol, naming scheme is going from bad to worse.




News: Feb 11, 2015: First upload of 3D Project 2!




 * LezBall1 (Vid of this at Youtube)






* HummerBummer1 (Vid of this at Youtube)








* SandboxWeirdness1


* SandboxWeirdness1b


* SandboxWeirdness1c



* SandboxWeirdness1d







* BallDestroyer1






* 3Dtest1







Any suggestions for stuff I could try developing or improvements to existing projects? :)

I always welcome feedback, especially constructive.

Want to collaborate with me on a project?

Click here to let me know.






Q) WTF is this, maaaaaan?

A-> Yo momma on heat


Q) Seriously?

A-> For reals


Q) Really?

A-> No, it's a bunch of game programming experiments I did, and am doing.


Q) Why are you doing this?

A-> I have low self-esteem


Q) How are you doing it?

A-> With Unity3D






Q) Do your game-programming experiments require game-programming?

A-> Yeah, in the C# language - but the HummerBummer thing (and a few other of my very earliest experiments with Unity3D) required 0 lines of my own code if I recall correctly - that's how powerful Unity is!


Q) How long did it take to make each one of these experiments?

A-> No more than a few hours for each, apart from the latest SandboxWeirdness stuff, which was more like overnight and a few more hours.


Q) How long have you been into game programming?

A-> On and off for about 28 years (mostly off).


Q) What language have you used and are you using currently?

A-> Past: C/C++, PHP, Javascript, HTML, Perl, Spectrum Basic, Visual Basic,  English, Spanish

Currently: C# and HTML


Q) What do you have planned next?

A-> Keep learning Unity (experiment with animation next), keep making transition from C++ to C#, keep brainstorming new ideas to experiment with Unity, make transition from 2D to 3D stuff, start playing with/learning Blender3D, start deploying my experiments to mobile platforms (Android, iOS and Windows Phone mainly).


Q) What other software besides Unity do you use for Gamedev?

A-> GraphicsGale (heavily), Paint, Paint.net, Blender3D (soon)



Q) Do you have any advice for someone wanting to get into games development?

A-> Yeah, 3 things:






Q) What sites would you recommend for learning games development?

A-> google.com



Q) WHow do I become like Notch or Garry Newman?

A-> Make a game that sells millions/tens of millions of copies.



Q) Can I ask you something not here?

A-> Yeah click here or here



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