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Tips (Categorized)


#1: Please do not hesitate to submit tips to be added!


#2: Server is undergoing %5HEAVY complex maintence right now.


#3: Please do not ask dumb questions, use your brain!


#4: %4NEVER piss of Hank (follow the rules, and do not ask dumb questions!)


#5: Respect all Admins and Mods.


#6: It''s your own responsibility to protect your own stuff. Do it.


#7: Don''t set your /home right next to a tree. It might glitch and kill you.


#8: Brush your teeth at least twice a day.


#9: After creating a town, you can buy land claims for only $1,000 each!


#10: If you have a good idea or suggestion, please post it on the website! =D


#11: If laggy or crashing, try setting render distance in options to normal.


#12: Share your screenshots on the Server.


#13: Write /sethome when you want to settle down and build.


#14: After using /sethome, you can use /home to return!


#15: Don''t forget to look at /town, and /towny commands.


#16: The more people you have join your town, the more land your town can claim.


#17: Life is hard, then you die. Nice tip eh? =P


#18: %1Read all the rules on the website (and register to) %4kewlmcserver.webs.com


#19: This servers ip is kewlmcserver.com or


#20: Please report any problems or concerns you have.


#21: Please remember there are minors (and miners) present, so moderate your language, thanks.


#22: Write /help for a list of commands.


#23: %2Don''t try to hug the creepers!


#24: Write /tip to see more of these.


#25: Youtube is great for minecraft tutorials!


#26: %6Hacking, Cheating, Duping, Griefing = INSTANT BAN


#27: Regularly visist the website for blog updates, new info and forum stuff.


#28: Upgrading to Silver, Gold, or Platinum membership has many benefits!


#29: Press F3 to find out where you are - F4 if you are using SpoutCraft client.


#31: Hold F1 Down while holding F2 to take a screenshot.


#32: Make money by using /auction or /sell commands.


#33: Build nice things, and follow the rules to increase chance of promotion.


#34: The best way to protect your things, is to be part of a town.


#35: A few towns can get together and found a nation.


#36: Get FRAPS (on the download section on the website) to take videos!


#37: Look at the website before you ask Hank or an admin something.


#38: Don''t forget to protect your chest with /lwc commands or /cprivate.


#39: %4Porn is a good way to quickly obtain wood! - Hank


#40: Think about disconnecting before you go afk, or someone might PvP you. =)


#41: DC = Disconnect, PVP = Player vs Player, AFK = Away From Keyboard.


#42: Keep public chat to ENGLISH!


#43: %DWhat is a tip? - 22hamen


#44: Relog if you''re invisible or the world looks glitchy.


#45: If you are unsure about something don''t do it! Or you could ask first.


#46: Use /courier to report problems to Hank or the Admins.


#47: Do not ask mods/admins/hank to tp you or your friends around the map.


#48: If u r new, go to kewlmcserver.webs.com and click on Register Instructions at the top!


#49: Once you register at website, you will be a Regular.  U get extra commands and lose the pink text


#50: Join in the debates and chat at the forums on our website!


#51: Our website.... http://kewlmcserver.webs.com


#52: Visit our website to make suggestions, report griefing, learn about KMCS etc etc


#53: Buy items from our shop with /buy or by going to http://kmcs.buycraft.net


#54: We need new Moderators and Admins, please apply at the website!


#55: Owner:  Hankscorpiouk


#56: /sethome and /home are only for Regulars.  Go to website to become a Regular!


#57: If  a command says denied access - you can probably buy it - write /buy


#58: Try the Tekkit and VST servers!


#59: Write /help for list of commands CURRENTLY available to YOU


#60: Get promoted to get more commands - or buy from our Buycraft shop!


#61: I <3 Tips, Gurl_345


#62: Use /helpop to get a HelperVIP, mod or admins attention!


#63: Remember to read tips :P, Fabregas485


#64: Remember to vote for us at our website - and collect your diamonds reward! :D'

#65: We have multiple spawns on this server :)'

#66: Buy yourself something nice from kmcs.buycraft.net'

#67: Write /helpme to get list of new commands - as well as /help'

#68: use /seen command to see when someone was last on'

#69: %Life is extremely hard, you get diamonds then you fall in lava, Manummasson8'

#70: Don't fall in lava, Hank'

#71: Build ColorPortals to get around quickly or to help people reach your towns and shops!'

#72: Need money? Use /sell, /auc, make a Chestshop or buy some SpiderDollars with /buy'

#73: Need arrows, or a bow? Try this.... http://kmcs.buycraft.net/category/19894'

#74: Voting makes us feel good and appreciated and gives you a nice warm glow - VOTE NAOW!!!! :P'

#75: Voting helps bring new people into the server!'

#76: Town too small or want more land claims? Get more people to join it!'

#77: Need food? Try this.... http://kmcs.buycraft.net/category/19895'

#78: Not making enough money by /sell-ing to shop? Then why not try auctions or make a ChestShop!'

#79: Make money when you are offline with a ChestShop!'

#80: If you need to send Hank an email....write /contactus then click on the link'

#81: Want to say something here, and are at least a Regular, let us know...'

#82: 48 HOURS OF MADNESS.... http://kmcs.buycraft.net/category/21425'

#83: We need people to help us with our website, shell scripting and programming'

#84: We need someone to help us with the newspaper'

#85: We now have CREATIVE WORLDS!'

#86: We now have a mob arena!'

#87: Donate system improved, make a donation now! :P'

#88: you can also lock your doors and gates the same way you lock your chests'



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