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 Things to Do....


Bored?  Here's a couple of things you could try doing on our servers, have fun! :)



Anymore we should add?  Tell us :)



The List, in no particular order....


Tell us on the forums which of these you have done or are doing


Take a tour of the various Landmarks on our servers!


Try to get on one of the Leaderboards!


Make suggestions


Report broken links

Try each of our servers

Write /help then experiment with all the commands available to you

Try to get more commands

Register on the forums
Post on the forum
Start a thread, maybe start by saying Hello :)
Make some friends
Get on the Whitelist

Read the tips

Have interesting conversations

Make music with noteblocks - recreate your favourite song

Archery contests

Kill things with your bare hands

Build a treehouse
Build an igloo
Build a sandcastle

Build a castle
Build a mansion
Build a statue
Build a rollercoaster
Build a skyscraper
Build something with pistons
Build something floating in the air
Build something underwater
Build something in lava
Build a space colony on the Tekkit server
Make some pixelart
Make something with redstone


Build something big with obsidian

Farm Obsidian

Become an Obsidian dealer

Participate in auctions


Record some Let's Play videos
Record some tutorial videos

Try to walk to the end of the world

Download or make your own skins

Find a nether fortress

Learn about NBT

Be the most awesome Helper you could be
Be the best op/admin you could be
Be the best builder on the server

Become an op of admin and never get fired/demoted/banned by Hank

Make a beacon

Explore caves
Go squid hunting
Try to find an ocelot

Build something big out of iron
Build something big out of gold and/or diamond

Carve messages into the ground out of giant letters and make a nearby observation tower so ppl can read them

Watch Minecraft vids for inspiration

Dig all the way down to bedrock

Make a secret base at bedrock that you can easily get in and out of

Build something so amazing you feel like you could show it off to Notch, Jeb, Dinnerbone, Sethbling, Generikb, Seananners or someone like that

Learn Lua for use with ComputerCraft

Try all the different mods of Tekkit, on our server
Try all the different mods of B-Team, on our server

Write books
Write books so good ppl will buy them from you on the server
Write something kewl for the website

Get as much store-credit as possible
Try to sell store-credit for real money maybe from your own web-page/site?

Setup a PayPal account so you can start making money from Minecraft

Make a shop on one of the servers
Make shops on all of our servers
Run the most successful shop on the server
Run the most successful shop on all our servers

Have the biggest bank balance on the server
Have the biggest bank balance on all our servers

Try to survive as long as possible in The Nether without any kind of cheating

Make lots of weapons
Make lots of tools
Make lots of armour

Try to farm as many different things as possible

Make stuff out of glass
Use lots of carpet

Make a security system for your base

Try to get 1000 subscribers to your YouTube channel

After that try to get 1 MILLION!


Try to get all the music discs and listen to them on your jukebox

Make the Nether look like the overworld

On the Tekkit server visit the Moon and leap around the surface pretending to be Neil Armstrong

Join a town
Start a town
Start a nation

Build farms that harvest themselves

Find a village

Slap a creeper with a porkchop

Try killing things with snowballs

Make a wolf army

Try the Bukkit server
Try the Tekkit server
Try the VST server
Try the Terrafirmacraft server
Try the B-Team server

Try survival
Try creative

Visit one of the prisons

Go raiding on the VST server

Do some brewing and make some potions
Do some enchanting


Like our pages here :)

Share our pages on Twitter and Facebook

Go PvP'ing
Fight mobs

Make maps

Make a boat and explore
Get a horse and explore
Ride a pig

Look for dungeons
Look for strongholds

Try to find every type of mob and monster

Try farming on the TFC server

Try farming on the other servers

Make an Iron Golem
Make a Snow Golem

Look for typos or other errors on the website (broken links etc)

Advertise our servers and get rewarded

Build a rocket and try going into space on our Tekkit server
Build some modular powerarmour on our Tekkit server

Try sluicing on the TFC server
Invent different types of meals on the TFC server

Make some traps

Read the website
Write a testimonial
Write a review

Say hello on our Facebook Group


Subscribe to our YT channel
Like one of our videos
Post something on our videos

Find us people to be ops/admins (Headhunter)

Get a freebie

Explore all the different biomes
Build something in all the different biomes

Vote for one of our servers
Vote for all of our servers
Post something on our voting pages

Post something on our PMC, MinecraftForums or Gamespot threads

Upload a screenshot
Upload a video you made

Make a plugin or mod
Make an app
Make some shell scripts to make admining easier

Apply for op/admin
Try one of the Helper Ranks
Become a VIP

Become a Friend of KMCS

Buy something from our CafePress store
Buy something from our WebStore or DonationStore

Suggest a Tip
Suggest a Contest
Suggest a plugin
Suggest a mod for custom modpack
Suggest a minigame
Suggest a new product for the WebStores

Get some pets

Go to the Nether
Build a base in the Nether

Go to the End
Reach the Endgame

Get all the achievements

Trade with villagers
Trade with other players and/or the server
Try to get rich

Mine a quarry

Participate in a Contest

Build or help build a spawn
Build or help build a minigame

Explore the server spawns
Try a minigame

Invite some friends to the server

Make a video


Try to become a mod


Earn yourself Artist Rank by helping out with the graphics on this (or other) pages


Anymore we should add?  Tell us :)



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