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 Terrafirmacraft (TFC) Server


The very first time I played the TFC mod, I knew instantly that I had to have it as a server here!




It adds, changes and removes several features to the old standard vanilla Minecraft experience, making the game even more compelling in the process!!  But be warned, this is NOT for the faint of heart - you will die alot on this server.  You will experience hunger, THIRST, and a level of mob brutality you've never experienced before!


If you like something different, something a bit challenging, then we implore you to try this!


Hope to see you soon,

Hankscorpiouk and the KMCS team.




NOTE: This server is now whitelist-free so you can just come in and play :)


The IP is:  mc.kewlmcserver.net:27000

Click to see How you setup your Minecraft launcher for it

(please note we are currently running the very newest build (78.17))
Additional note: make sure you have the right TFC jar (example: TFC-0.78.17.jar) in your own mods folder (c:\users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods) by copying the file manually.




You could also try this vid, which has a pretty kewl explanation of how to set it up.


I've been watching generikb's Hermit Vs Terrafirmacraft vids to try and get an idea of how this thing works, and how best to start my TFC adventures, and I'm upto episode 12 now.  Well worth a watch :)



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Official Wiki for TFC


Getting Started - Stone Age Guide


Our Thread at the TFC forums (coming soon!)


Like this mod?  Why not donate to its makers (Bioxx, Dunk)?  :)






To our TFC Forum!


Our brand new TFC store, complete with freebies! :)


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