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Direct Link: tekkit.kewlmcserver.net



 Yes, we have it!! :D











TL;DR just let me play....


If you want to get started right now you'll need the Technic Launcher.  Click here to download it from their site.


They have versions for Windows, Mac and Linux on that page.


Once you download the launcher, add a new server address for: or mc.kewlmcserver.net:25000


(Make sure you put the :25000 bit in otherwise it won't work.)



Now you can come in and play.


If you're in a hurry and want some ready-made Tekkit machines, we sell them on our Buycraft page

If you think we should add anything else there, please let us know


EDIT: PS no longer offering IndustrialCraft 2 machines as IC is no longer included in the current version of Tekkit.  However, we will soon be offering BuildCraft, MFR (Minecraft Factory Reloaded) and ThermalExpansion machines.  Stay tunes :)




Not convinced yet, or need help?


* All about Tekkit/Technic.

* Mods included in current Tekkit version

* Our main Tekkit forum thread.  Discuss anything you want about Tekkit/Technic here.

* Videos about Tekkit



Wikis and vids for the major Tekkit mods included in current version....





















   - OpenCCsensors

and many, many more....




....If you'd like me to link directly to any other wikis here, let us know :)


Having problems with our Tekkit server?   We're always happy to help








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