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Shop Stuff at KMCS



We have split this section into 2 easy-to-read parts;


* "IRL" (In-Real-Life) shops and

* In-Game shops. 




As of this writing (June 16, 2013) we currently have 4 IRL shops. 

Although one of those shops, the Buycraft one, also  functions from within game.


....these IRL shops are:


* The KMCS Buycraft shop

* The KMCS CafePress shop

* The KMCS i.materialise/3D printing shop and

* The KMCS Shapeways 3D printing shop


These all involve real money however

They may or may not be for you.




There are also 2 forms of in-game shop as well, and the currency we use is of our own invention called, "SpiderDollars" (Hank think's he's sooooo funny :P):


* Firstly; You can setup your own "ChestShops" to trade with other players.


* Or, you can sell to the automated server shop.

You do this with the /sell command. 

(However, at this time, it is not possible to buy from that shop - only sell)

You can also find out how much an item is worth with the /worth command.

Here is a list of Current Prices offered by the automated SpiderDollar shop

Also, at any time you can find out how much money you or any other player at the server has with the /balance command

Finally, it is also possible to get a list of the richest people on the server with the /balancetop command





If you wish to buy or sell in-game items, you can either:

* Buy them from, or sell them to other players through ChestShops (instructions at bottom of this page),

* Through auctions (hopefully coming soon)

* Or manually by using the /pay command, and dropping the items on the floor next to each other.



Something I should add about one of the IRL stores, the Buycraft one.  You can buy in-game items there, but using real money.  Don't worry all our prices are extremely competitive and offer great value for your money.  We are also relentlessly expanding and improving our range, so you are sure to find something you like there :)

You can access the Buycraft store from within the game by using the /buy command

If you have a suggestion for something else we could sell there, or improve how we're doing things at our Buycraft store then please click here.




What can you do in-game with the SpiderDollars money?


As well as pretty much buy any block-type that ChestShop owners want to sell you, you can actually buy LAND PLOTS for towny.  This means if you're a member of a town; be it the Mayor, founder, assistant mayor, sole resident or whatever, you can claim more land for your town that no-one else is allowed to build on.  This also means that everything built by your or your buddies on that land is griefer-proof.


We're also planning to add lots more interesting things that you'll be able to buy in-game.  If you have any suggestions for things to add, feel free to let us know.


Money is a BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG deal at KMCS. 


"We are not just a survival server, we are also an economy server!"





The direct URL links to the IRL shops are:


KMCS Buycraft shop....




KMCS CafePress shop....




KMCS i.materialise/3D printing shop....



KMCS Shapeways Shop


 (URL shortner addy incoming)




If you'd like to try earning some money through our shop, try this.




ChestShop Usage Instructions



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