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"SandboxWeirdness" (ver 1d)

 (Codename: Project Skankwalker)




Best played in Microsoft Windows!

NB: You will need the Unity plugin to play this - it should automatically offer to download, but if not, click here.






* Use the arrow keys to move character around - Left / right, up arrow for POWERSPIN (tm), down arrow for power dive

* Spacebar to fly

* Left Mouse Button to zoom in, RMB to zoom out

* W/A/S/D to pan camera around

* L to toggle hanging light on/off

* C to detach hanging thing cables

Full list of controls below and in-game


Jan 25, 2015: Added a bunch of new things (throwing, gun etc etc) to make version 1d

Aug 3, 2015: Adding more info to this page

Aug 9, 2015:  HAHA, someonee REALLY seems to like this page.  Little feedback?  :)

You're gonna need to view this page in Windows to play game I'm afraid...



ProTip: Click on the game window below and press Enter to start, the character you control is the woman :)

Also don't forget to press P (maybe a few times) to put the game into Platformer mode, meaning the character will stand-up properly and not spin around anymore.  You can press P again (and then the up arrow key while flying) if you want to see her spin round really fast lol



TIP: Right-click, then select Full screen.  When you want to quit press Esc

TIP: Press I to get list of controls (looks better now and has new controls!)

TIP: Press P as soon as program starts (to activate Platformer Mode (will keep you upright))

TIP: Try throwing balls at the hanging basket!

TIP: Press space as you're pressing the arrow keys!

TIP: Press F5 to restart (reload page)!

TIP: If your player goes flying off the edge of the screen, press Enter or middle mouse button to lock camera on them!

TIP: If you're using camera locking, you won't be able to freely move camera around (unlock first)

TIP: Press 1 to view the BallMachine (WIP), and then press x to drop ball

TIP: If you find yourself fallen over, press P to switch to "Platformer Mode", this will make you stand upright :)

- for some reason it doesn't work immediately, you need to hit something else (like arrow keys) before it works.

TIP: Hitting things while Powerspinning is fun :))  - PS: Up arrow to Powerspin (only works when flying)

TIP: If the hanging container thing has fallen to ground and ropes are getting annoying, press C to sever them from ceiling!

TIP: You can now use the mousewheel to zoom camera in and out (as well as the 2 mouse buttons)

TIP: Middle mouse button now added (does the same as Enter (locks camera to player))

TIP: You jump with Spacebar, but you can make smaller jumps by tapping Ctrl (the "jetpack" mode)

TIP: If it seems unresponsive to controls, then click on it - it probably lost its focus

TIP: There are currently 3 sources of lighting, but you can only control 1 of them (on underside of the hanging container - by pressing L)



All controls: 




1 = camera position preset #1 - view the ball machine

o = zoom camera to "optimal zoom level"

w = pan camera up

a = pan camera left

s = pan camera down

d = pan camera right

Enter= lock camera on player/unlock


mouse left button = zoom camera in

mouse right button = zoom camera out

mouse scrollwheel = zoom camera in/out

middle mouse button (or Enter) = lock camera on player/unlock





ctrl = activate player's jetpack

space = player jump

arrow keys = move player, player-powerspin, player-powerdive

p = Platformer mode toggle

f = fix current player angle

h = stop all player rotation

g = get gun out/put it away

n = fire gun

t = throw snowball

r = reset player back to original spawnpoint




l = toggle lighting on hanging basket

c = sever hanging basket cables to ceiling

x = drop ball in ball machine

ins = spawn new ball in ball machine



i = view info panel
Undocumented feature!:  Press K to kick, but it's very much buggy at the moment

  Unity Web Player | SandboxWeirdness

Unity Web Player | SandboxWeirdness




Future plans for this: STILL too much to list - soooooo many ideas to add to this :O



Any suggestions for stuff I could try developing or improvements to existing projects? :)

I always welcome feedback, especially constructive.

Want to collaborate with me on a project?

Click here to let me know.



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Last updated made on August 9, 2015 by Hankscorpiouk


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