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Rules and Guidelines

Report Violation / Concern to Us

(It is EXTREMELY important that you read and understand all of these before you start playing here.  They're not excessive and they're not difficult.  Breaking the rules can result in suspension, or banning, even for life if serious enough.
It does not matter if you didn't know the rule before you broke it.  That is why you need to know these before you start here.
If you do not understand any of the rules then please make sure you tell us and we will gladly clarify them for you.  We work on a zero tolerance basis here.  You break the rules and we will not be baking you a cake like a UK judge etc etc). 

We have this approach because we want the server to be a fun, safe, orderly, stress-free and productive environment for everyone who comes here.

This is what happens to people who don't respect the rules.

Main Server Rules

1 Follow ALL the rules!  Including subrules (on this website), every single one of them!

2 Do NOT hassle Hank, especially in-game.  Find another mod or admin first, or ask on the forums!

3 Listen to the Admins and Mods, they know best.  If you genuinely think they're being abusive; report it to Hank PRIVATELY
(If you get into a public argument with a member of staff or someone of a rank above you, then you will lose, even if you are in the right.  Do it discretely via me.  I will look into it thoroughly and take the side of whoever is in the right.  So do not retaliate to any perceived slight, do it through official channels)

4 No Griefing!  (This means don't vandalize people's work or go into people's buildings without permission.  Or at least if you do and they tell you to leave, then you leave straight away.  Ideally apologizing on the way out.)

5 No abuse of your powers!  (This applies to VIPs and staff members.  It will be understood by staff members already, but just to reiterate, and also so everyone can see they are also subject to the rules.)

6 No Cheating, stealing or hacks!  If you discover any kind of exploits, let us know.

7 Do NOT modify others work, if you wish to help, ask politely.  If they say no, then respect that otherwise it'll be seen as griefing.

8 Report all wrongdoings directly on the website.  Do not fill chat in-game with reports.  Do it properly via the website.

9 Keep all chat to English!  (This is so everyone can understand each other and admins can go through logs much more easily)

10 If a staff (Mod or Admin) member PMs you on here or in the game, make sure you reply immediately even if only to say something like, "very busy ATM, I'll reply properly later" etc, but make sure you do.  Remember you make a habit of ignoring staff; you get banned!

11 Respect others and be ethical at all time.  If you cannot get along with other Human beings then keep yourself to yourself in a corner far away from everyone else, or underwater etc.  It should also go without saying, that cussing, insults, belittlement, racism, sexism etc etc etc are not examples of being respectful.  Also, please remember that minors may come here.

12 Make sure you do not build closer than 10 blocks to other people, unless you have their explicit consent (i.e. ask them first) (this kinda alludes to rule #11 - they might not want the view from their little house blocked by a huge hulking stadium or skyscraper etc)

Also bear in mind that EVERYTHING (including IP addresses) on the server and this website is logged.  So breaking rules or lying to us is completely pointless.  If you play by the rules, then you will have a great time here. :)

Last updated: February 9, 2014 by Hankscorpiouk

Main Site / Forum Rules

1 You must contribute to forum threads here, especially if they are asking for your opinions.  So it is advsiable to setup an account on the site ASAP, to check the site regularly (for new threads, blogs etc).  If you play here and don't ever come to the site you run the risk of being banned.  If you come to the site, but NEVER contribute i.e. never start threads or at least post on existing ones, you also run the risk of being banned.  I strongly advise you to post no less than a few times a week, but as much as you want.  But make sure you follow the other rules below about the site and forums.

2 Post in the right place! Don't just add your thing to any random thread.

3 Don't make stupid threads or posts- think first!  Does what you want to say even need a brand new thread?  Can it be said via PM, can it be added to an existing thread?  Think first.

4 Do search to see if similar thread has already been made!

5 Don't cross-post!

6 No abusiveness!

7 Respect forum mods, they know best!  IF you think they're abusing you, then use the Contact Us form to complain to me personally and I will deal with them after investigating.  Make sure you have a valid complaint, or you will be banned.

Last updated: February 8, 2012 by Hankscorpiouk

Subrules and Advice (to help minimize problems)

1 Try to play here regularly - how can we call you "regular" if you don't come here regularly?  Also if you're staff (Admins or Mods) but need to go away for a while, then let me know first or ASAP - I can't do this all alone.

2 Respect people's private property/

3 Think about logging off when you go AFK.  Otherwise write /afk or say it in chat if you need to.

4 Make sure your animals are in enclosures so people know they belong to you.

5 Killing other people's animals is considered griefing.

6 Put signs on things to indicate ownership if you can't afford fences, but bear in mind people don't have to respect that especially if it's a stupid thing like, "This 300x300 island is mine!" without anything being built there at all.

7 Make sure anyone you introduce to the server reads the rules FIRST.

8 lol at the people on the Wall of Shame (they earned it)

9 If you strongly disagree with a rule then appeal it BEFORE you break it (too late otherwise).

10 If you play on another server besides this one tell us what you like about that other server and if we like it too we'll do that here and BETTER! :)

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