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Best Minecraft, Tekkit, Snapshot, Terrafirmacraft and B-Team Servers in the known Multiverse....he said modestly

 Quick Server Facts

Name: KMCS
Aliases: KewlMCserver, Kewl Minecraft Server, Hank's etc

Quantity: 5 servers (1 for Bukkit, 1 for Tekkit, 1 for Terrafirmacraft, 1 for Attack of the B-Team and 1 Snapshot/Vanilla/Test server also known as "VST")



Server IP: mc.kewlmcserver.net or

Port:25565 for Bukkit (unneeded) - more info

25000 for Tekkit - more info

26000 for Snapshot - more info

27000 for Terrafirmacraft - more info

28000 for Attack of the B-Team - more info



Game-Type: Survival AND Creative

PvP: Yes, on survival

Monsters/PvE: Yes

Griefing: NO!

Stealing: Yes, Raiding on the Snapshot and Terrafirmacraft servers!



Owner: hankscorpiouk
Owner location: UK
Server location: Germany

Founded: December 18, 2010*

Custom ranks/titles and colours: YES
Recruiting: YES


Perks/Paid Upgrades: YES!

OS: CentOS 5 Linux 64-bit
Uplink: ? Mbps
Dedicated-server: YES, for all 4 servers.

Server-Wrapper: Bukkit,
Tekkit and Terrafirmacraft

Minecraft Versions: Always the very latest!

MineQuery: YES

* approx date



Why You should play Minecraft here




- Guest
- Newbie (not agreed to /rules yet),
- Player, Regular (Played for 15+ hours),
- 7 Level-1 ranks (Non-Paid: GreenVIP, BuilderVIP, HelperVIP, ArtistVIP --- Paid: SilverVIP, GoldVIP, DiamondVIP),
- 1 Level-2 VIP rank (AwesomeVIP),
- JuniorMod, SeniorMod,
- Admin, SeniorAdmin
- 3 reserved Platinum Level/Tier 3 ranks (Emperor, King, Queen) so far
- Platinum Level-3 (reserved titles and custom colours)
- Platinum Level-2 (custom titles)
- Platinum Level 1, Gold, Silver donators



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