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Best Minecraft, Tekkit, Snapshot, Terrafirmacraft and B-Team Servers in the known Multiverse....he said modestly

Produce Content for KMCS

This would help us ALOT.

By content I mainly mean, graphics, text and video, but perhaps other stuff is possible too.

So for example; instead of linking to different parts of the site or Internet by clicking on text, you could make pics that people could click on instead.  An example of this is how we've done the Recruiting page.  Check it out.


Another example is how we've used buttons on the Gallery Page


Perhaps a site-map could also be done this way?  Or at least a background image for the Navbar.  Here it is in its current form....

You could also create banner-ads advertising the server and use them in your sigs on various forums or on your own websites.

Here's an example of a banner-ad-

....these should generally be about 468 x 60 pixels in size.

You could help us design new logos.  Perhaps we could have different logos for different things?

and examples of a logo-





animated stuff is always welcome too, example....




...I think these should be about 194 x 194 in size, we can easily resize if needed.

As for text; this could be things like Guides for new and old people alike, blog postings, recipes for the cauldron system in FalseBook, text for FalseBook's Book system, and probably other things too.  If you write /info in the game you'll see what's possible using a method where we can create our own info files to relay any info we want to people in the server.  They could write /info_shop or /info_FAQ, or /info_craftingGuide or whatever.  But of course all that text needs to be created.

And videos is kinda self-explanatory.... if you make videos of the things you build and feel proud of it'll allow your creations to live on forever in a sense....even if and when we start new maps.  And we probably always will have to start new maps every few months thanks to the way Minecraft works.  When the game's updated with new features often old maps become obsolete.

Videos could also be used as a promotional tool.  If you make videos you could add a message at the end, or on your Youtube pages saying something like, "Visit us at kewlmcserver.com - and mention <yourname> when visiting"


If you do this, and people mention YOUR name, then I will reward you personally with credits to use with the economy mods.  It seems only fair.


If they visit for a few minutes but don't stay, for whatever reason, I'll still reward you.  However, I will reward you with MUCH more if they stay around.  By that I mean if they stay around long enough to become Regular Members....say 15 hours, a week, or something like that.


Please ask for further clarification about any of this if needed :)

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