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Pong1 (my first version)


Unity Web Player | SandboxWeirdness

Unity Web Player | SandboxWeirdness



Click here for next version (1a2)


Well, finally here we are.  A REAL game, of sorts.... it's my attempt at a remake of the old Atari classic Pong - and it actually kinda works (apart from slight weirdness on game over) :O

Only took me about 12 hours today (and about 800 lines of C# code) too, a lot of it tearing my hair out and shouting, "WTF won't this work, this makes no f*ing sense at all!" etc.

lol at the start I said to myself, 2 or 3 hours tops.  Doh!

If anyone ever tries to tell you that Pong is a "simple game", feel free to punch them, hard.  :P



All you need to play this is a keyboard and a very bored friend (or right-hand).

Click on the game window above and press Space to start....

Player 1: use W and A to control your paddle

Player 2: use P and L to control yours :)



Update:  Just been playtesting this final version a bit and noticed some interesting bugs.  Let's just refer to them as undocumented features.  I'll try fixing them tomorrow. 


Update 2: Ok, there were 2 game-killing bugs in first release.  I've just squished them.  Click here for new version "1a2".  The game is actually playable now - Player 1 actually has a chance now lol.  Am keeping this version up for posterity however :)


Future plans for this: Could probably use network-based multiplayer, and maybe ability to handle 4 players?  I also wanna introduce somekinda CPU player, but it probably won't be all that intelligent to begin with (more like semi-random paddle control) - would be awesome if it could learn from Human players though* 8)

* Excuse to play with neural networks :P


Any suggestions for stuff I could try developing or improvements to existing projects? :)

I always welcome feedback, especially constructive.

Want to collaborate with me on a project?

Click here to let me know.



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