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Best Minecraft, Tekkit, Snapshot, Terrafirmacraft and B-Team Servers in the known Multiverse....he said modestly



We do not like to discuss the full extent of our plugins.  It's taboo.  The price of such knowledge would be very heavy.  No-one really knows what KewlMCserver has.  No-one ever will.  Not even Hank :P


HOWEVER, we can tell you our MAIN plugins across the Bukkit and Tekkit servers :)



Active (as of April 28, 2014):


* Towny (start your own town or join someone else's)

* Factions (don't worry this and Towny are NOT on the same world lol)


* Buycraft (get some awesome supplies and perks!)


* mcMMO (awesome RPG plugin!)


* LWC (protect your chests from theefs!)


* Vote4Diamondz (vote for us and get rewarded!)


* Essentials (soooooo many things)


* MagicCarpet (we could never abandon our old friend)


* WorldGuard (protect your creative world builds!)


* ChestShop (setup shops in-game!)


* Lottery (because we like to encourage healthy habits, hmmmm)


* RocketBoots (move around at ridiculously fast speeds)


* WorldEdit (ridiculously powerful plugin, but only for awesome people - are you awesome?  Prove it)


* SimpleTips (another old fave of ours)


* MultiSpawn (want to make an awesome spawn?)


* floAuction (another way to sell items in-game to other players!)


* ColorPortals (why walk when you can, uhhh, portal?  Instantaneous travel between portals!)


* Multiverse (allows us to offer you multiple survival AND creative worlds!)


* CraftbukkitUpdate (ensures our plugin versions are current)


* Courier (send letters to people in-game!)


* MCDocs ()


* MCBans ()


* MobDisguise ()


* MobArena ()


* Punishmental ()


* Citizens ()


* InfiniteClaims + InfinitePlots ()


* VariableTriggers ()



aaaaaand many many more....



If you'd like to suggest a plugin - maybe even write one (and/or discuss it on forums), please feel free. :P

We appreciate any help. Perhaps you'd like to help us test or setup a plugin?



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