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Best Minecraft, Tekkit, Snapshot, Terrafirmacraft and B-Team Servers in the known Multiverse....he said modestly

Perks and Upgrades
Click here if you are mainly a Snapshot player at KMCS

Click here (or go to http//kmcs.buycraft.net) to get some awesome things that will help you in the game!
Perhaps you've just joined and need some food and tools, or need some SpiderDollars so you can trade with everyone else on the server?  Whatever it is, you'll probably find something to your liking there.
Remember there are no freebies on this server.  You either earn everything yourself, buy from each other or buy from our Buycraft store.  Also the stores help us keep the lights on around here :)
Here you can see an example of how to use the store-
Figure 1.  Arriving at the store you see serveral categories of products we offer.
Figure 2.  After clicking on the STARTER category you are shown everything there.  At the moment there's only 1 item.
Figure 3.  Detailed info about the thing your'e interested in.  You can press Add to put it in your cart/basket.
Hopefully you can find something you like here.  IF not feel free to let us know of anything we could add, or change :)


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