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Paid VIP Ranks


This is just for the Bukkit server, so far.  If you want something similar for the Snapshot server, click here.



Account type     1 day 1 Week
 1 month
 3 months
 6 months
 1 year 18 months
 ELITE** $2$8 $25 $69 $128 $239 $319
 Diamond $1.50 $5 $15 $39 $69 $119 *
 Gold *$3 $8 $22 $39 $69 *
 Silver * $2 $4 $10 * $35 *

* Not available

** To be determined

 Euros?  Pounds?  Yen?  Yuan?  Won?  Shillings?  Pesos?  International currency converter.




Benefits of each account (WIP!)....



  Diamond VIP account at KewlMCserver.... 


  • Everything in GoldVIP and SilverVIP PLUS....
  • Hank will be your BFF!
  • Reserved slot* on all servers!
  • Fly mode!  (Access to Fly command)
  • TNT access!  This is normally reserved for mods!
  • Access to Speed command; Change your walking and fly speed limits!
  • Access to Vanish command; Engage cloaking device!
  • Access to FakeMessage (if I can get it working - no promises)
  • Access to Weather command; Manipulate the weather!
  • Chance to appear in official KewlMCserver banners!
  • Creative worlds- Full access to WorldEdit for use in Creative!
  • A cake!  No lie!


Give me Diamond VIP NOW!!!!





Gold VIP account at KewlMCserver...         


  • Everything in SilverVIP PLUS....
  • Hank will be your friend!
  • Reserved slot* on both Bukkit and Tekkit server!
  • Opt-out of video credits, if you want.
  • Opt-out of "Donators page(s)", if you want.
  • Opt-out of website "Credits page", if you want.
  • MobDisguise!  Look like a monster or animal!  Impress your friends!
  • Access to Setwarp command; Add a location to the server's warps list!
  • Access to Hat command; Get some cool new headgear!
  • Access to Jumpto command; Look somewhere and arrive there instantly!  (Good for getting to high ledges, ontop of tall buildings etc, or just saving yourself long walks!)
  • Access to Ptime command; Set your own time!
  • Access to TPhere command; Teleport people to you! (People who WANT to be teleported)
  • Access to Ext command; Extinguish nearby fires!
  • Access to Near command; Find out who's near you!
  • Acces to TPdeny command; Decline attempts to teleport to you by others!
  • Access to Broadcast command; Share your profound thoughts with everyone!


Give me Gold VIP NOW!!!!




 Silver VIP account at KewlMCserver....    


  • Damn cheapskate :P *jk*
  • Reserved slot* on server of your choice (Bukkit or Tekkit or Vanilla/Snapshot/Test (VST))
  • Full access to water and lava with buckets
  • Mention in video credits (ALL videos made by Hank and official KewlMCserver vids!)
  • Mention on "Donators page(s)"
  • Mention on website "Credits page"
  • Optional [Donator] tag in-game.
  • Some powers normally reserved for JuniorMods (tp, realname etc)!
  • Access to TP command; Teleport to other players!
  • Access to TPA command; Ask to teleport to other players!
  • Access to Nick command; Call yourself whatever you want!
  • Access to Realname command; Someone hiding behind the /nick command?  No problem.
  • Access to GetPos command; Get your X, Y, Z coordinates in the world!
  • Access to Ignore command; Someone bugging you?  No problem, use this command!
  • Access to Depth command; Find out where you are related to sea-level!
  • Access to Seen command; Find out when a particular player was last on the server!
  • Creative worlds- Full access to WorldGuard to protect your builds in Creative!
  • A nice, warm, glowing feeling knowing you helped keep the lights on around here for a bit :))


Give me Silver VIP NOW!!!!



 * Reserved slots mean we'll kick someone to make way for you, because you're special and we care about you :o)


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