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 Make Money!






 There are several ways to make REAL money by being associated with our servers!


1) Become a mod and get 3% of of all monthly donations for the server you moderate on - 5% for Senior Mods (SMs)!


2) Become an op/admin and get 10% of all monthly donations to the server you op on.  20% for Senior ops/Senior Admins!


3) Win Contests (coming very soon!)!


4) Design logos for our Cafepress Store!


5) Make some logos/thumbnails for our WebStores and get 15% of the profits for the item it's attached to!


6)  Design the text in the kit/product descriptions at WebStore, or better yet, "draw" the product listing - we will give you 25% of the profits for the it's attached to - so if you design both the thumbnails AND product listing itself (deciding on items, commands etc and making it look good), you'd get 40% (15 + 25) right?  WRONG!  We're generous; you'd get 45%! :)


7Become a Friend of KMCS!


8)   Resell any unwanted items, perhaps even surplus Store Credit you have using Paypal or similar!


9)   Enable "monetization" setting on your Youtube!  This means you'll make money when people view your vids!



First thing you should probably do is setup a Paypal account if you don't have one, otherwise it'll be more difficult for us to get any funds to you.   A personal or small-business account should be fine.  There is no cost in setting it up.  Don't worry if you can't register at Paypal, we could send you a check/cheque or give you store-credit to use here.  We also hope to use Bitcoin soon.


OK, let's continue....


At the top of each page, under the "WebStore" menu, you may have noticed the, "SHOP stuff" link?  Well....I would like to offer you the chance of DESIGNING YOUR OWN logos for our products and selling them at the CafePress shop.  You get to keep most of the money. You get to be creative too! :)


At the moment I personally have only done a few designs for test purposes mainly.  I admit I'm not that good lol - Here's my latest two.  You can make your own designs very easily, it's essentially just an image (JPEG etc).  


If you make a kewl design you can send it to me (hankscorpiouk AT gmail DOT com) and I'll put it on the shop attached to whatever type of product you mention. 


If your design promotes the server then I will share between 60 and 80% of the proceeds with you (yes, upto EIGHTY), depending on how much the emphasis is for promoting KMCS. 


If your design is for something else, and not about KMCS then I will share 40% of the proceeds with you.  Sure, you could setup your own shop to sell stuff that's not related to KMCS, and I'd encourage you to do that, however, the idea is that the KewlMCserver shop will be more likely to get hits as it's linked from the website and connected with the server.


Also please note; If you have donated, or spent, $50  or more here, then you can keep 100% of the profits!


Hopefully, all the above, if done properly, will make us all some money, exercise our creative muscles AND maybe promote the server a bit.



Anyway, if you want any further information, specifics, clarification or whatever about any of the above, let me know, either in the comments below, in the forum, by PM, or however you want lol.

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