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 Legal / Terms and Conditions



Welcome to the Terms & Conditions page of KewlMCserver's Snapshot Survival and Raiding server.




Important legal information for donators/donors, purchasers and contributors


Section 1:

This is a copy of the Payment Agreement for our webstore.

By purchasing a donation or other package from us or making an individual donation to us, you acknowledge that you have read this agreement and that you understand it and agree to it.

We are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Mojang AB, the creators of Minecraft.

All prices quoted throughout this site and our Buycraft page are in US dollars.

<International Currency Converter link.>

All transactions (purchases/donations) are managed with Paypal (which also has a credit card facility).

Section 2:

You are over 13 years of age.  If you are under 13, you could ask someone else of the correct age to do it on your behalf.

If you are under 18 years of age, but over 13; make sure you have the permission of your parent or legal guardian before spending any money here.

All purchases are final, except under extreme conditions, there are no refunds. not even partial ones.  Said extreme conditions MAY also result in a permanent banning across all our servers.

All purchases are only effective on KewlMCserver / KMCS servers and no other servers.

If an error occurs and your purchase does not complete properly, it is up to you to notify us so that we may fix any error as quickly as possible for you.


Section 3:

If you buy too much of something, then we strongly suggest you try to sell / trade whatever it is to other people.  We will even be willing to facilitate this via our website for you.

You understand that this server has considerable monthly running expenses and that a portion of any monies gained are used for that purpose.

You understand that it is upto you to safeguard any items that you purchase.  If they are stolen, they will not be refunded or replaced.  If any purchased items are lost due to technical errors with the server that are our fault then there is a very strong chance of them being replaced, however, any attempt to instigate fraud against us will result in your permanent banning across our server network and public disclousure, backed with evidence, of the fraudulent activies.  We have extensive logs that record everything.

We reserve the right to ban people from our servers even if they have outstanding purchased iitems in their possession.  To reiterate; no refunds.  However, permanent bans only occurr in extreme situations of rule-breaking (*for example, "hacking" and "griefing").  Do not break our reasonable and clearly-articuled rules.  For most infractions we try to use alternatives to permanent-banning, such as temporary suspensions.  With the exception of permanent-banning; purchased items are never confiscated by the server or its staff.  We advise that stealing and raiding are legal on the server and would thus strongly encourage you to hide and/or lock your chests (via the perk).  You could also consider setting up traps at and around your base.


Section 4:

*KMCS definitions-

Hacking: using any Minecraft client that has been modified in any way beyond the purpose originally intended by its creators; Mojang AB.

Grieifng: Vandalism of other people's buildings and creations.
(examples of non-griefing:  stealing, PvP/killing players, killing players animals, destroying crops, insulting players, trespassing)



Phew, well, that's out the way.  Sorry but it's a neccessarry evil of running something like

this :)



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