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JuniorMod Application

KMCS- JuniorMod (JM) Role Description and Application Form
(this is not for the Snapshot server - but any of the other 4!)

As JuniorMod; the main things to remember are:

1) Remember; this staff role is a privilidge NOT a right. If you get promoted to mod (or admin) and you get the extra status, respect and commands this affords, then we expect something in return - if we ever think you're slacking and leaving the work to Hank, or other staff, that you should be doing, you'll be demoted, or most likely banned (for having wasted our time and pissed us off). So, don't ask for promotion if you're gonna dissapoint us.  

You've pretty much got 2 chances, first mistake, you'll be warned, next you'll be demoted.  1 chance if the mistake is ridiculous enough.

We want things done properly (we tried doing things the wrong way already lol).  If you're not upto this task, then don't apply.  If you are; then keep reading :)

2) To have a very good understanding of the rules, regs and how we like to do things. Reading the FAQ and 
http://tips.kewlmcserver.net will probably help.

3) NOT to abuse your powers. This should go without saying, but just incase.  So for example NEVER GRIEF even if someone is breaking the rules all over the place and you're doing it against them in reply (much better to report their rule-breaking via the forms if for whatever reason your commands are down etc)  Also only use your extra commands if you absolutely have to.  These commands are mainly:


....to scan ppl's invs for contraband

.....This allows you to send a warning to someone that also freezes them in place so they can't walk, until they write, "Acknowledge". 


....throw's ppl off the server forcing them to reconnect.  Use if ppl are misbehaving, as a type of warning.

/tjail     or   /togglejail

... /unjail (to release them)

...for listing all the current jails


....for setting the location of a new jail


....only use if you really have to


...use this if someone is being an idiot and trolling or spamming the chat.  Don't forget to unmute them again, if they deserve it.


....make sure you ask people (esp above ranks) before tp'ing to them. This doesn't apply to lower ranks. You don't need to ask their permission to tp, especially if you're doing recon on them.


....tp's people to you, but don't overuse it, make sure you've got a good reason for using it.


....use /listwarps to see where you can warp to


....don't overdo this pls and try to be smart with how you name things


....MagicCarpet lol


....if something seems to be missing, pls tell an admin / mention it on forums etc


....stops fire from spreading

....these are your most important commands for now. But also write /help to see exact list as there are more. If you need to kick someone and they keep logging in and you get bored of kicking them, just put them in jail or something, or tell one of the admins and we'll deal with them more permanently. If they're spamming the chat with offensive comments, adverts (of any kind) or anything like that, feel free to mute them. But don't forget to unmute them after a while if you think they can be trusted to behave again. With jailing people you don't need to worry about releasing them lol, it does that automatically for you - when you put them in you have to specify how long their sentence is.

4) Be willing to help people (especially Hank). So if you see someone you think is new to the server, you SHOULD say hello to them and ask them if they're new and need any help (within reason). Direct people here, to the site, as there's plenty of info that'll save you from having to repeat yourself if you find yourself getting asked the same questions over and over again.  Not only that, but they need to come here to register anyway.  If you see people saying Hank, Hank, Hank when I log in, then intervene, and take some of the pressure off my hands. Offer assistance.

5) Please take screenies, or record vids, of people's rule-breaking and give them a warning or 2 before doing anything.

6) Direct people here, to the site, as there's plenty of info that'll save you from having to repeat yourself if you find yourself getting asked the same questions over and over again.  Encourage them to join the forums.  Really, we cannot be in the situation anymore where people who've been playing at the server for days or even a few weeks are unaware of the website.

7) NEVER, EVER make Hank repeat himself.  Admins and SeniorMods probably feel similar about this :)

8) This probably needs to be added to it's own seperate, "Newcomers Procedure" Page or something, but for the moment, here it is.....

once you are 100% sure (not 99....but 100), that a Newcomer has gone through the "Register Instructions Page", registered an account here and created a new thread in the New Arrivals forum, and more than likely also read the Rules page you are then free to promote them to "Regulars" status.  JuniorMods (and everyone above) now have this power and not just Admins.  If you accidentally promote them too far (to VIP etc) then demote them back down to Reg.

You do this by typing /pex promote <theirname>


/pex demote <theirname>

Make sure they don't have to wait anymore than a few minutes for promotion after they've followed the correct procedure.  Thanks.

EDIT: It's not mandatory, but if you could get more people to join the server it would help us a lot, also, think about it this way....potentially more people to join your town :P

Also; reading the mod and admin application forms and role descriptions (also not mandatory) when they're up wll probably help you to understand how I'm thinking and give you a better idea of how to be a good, even, great mod. This could make it easier for you to progress into SeniorMod role, or even Admin, one day.

Also, incase someone asks, no you can't send people to others. We could give you the /send command, but people will just hassle you all the time and use you as a taxi service lol.

Oh and lastly, you will need to make either a small one-off donation to the server to show you're willing to make an investment in us and that you recognize it costs real money to keep the lights on, or get 5 people to join.  

You can donate or buy something from our Webstore / Buycraft store.  The amount we ask for is the nominal figure of $10.  Without receiving this first, or you getting the 5 people to join, we cannot consider your application.

That's it. Good luck! :)

Rules and Ranks pages incase you need a quick reminder.

Last updated June 28, 2014 by Hankscorpiouk

The Application Form

*Are you able / willing to moderate on website as well as game server?
*Times (UK) you're most likely to be on server?
Early AM  Later AM
Early PM  Later PM
*Days you're most likely to be on server?
Your DOB?
Thanks for taking the time to complete this form.  If you are successful we will contact you, otherwise we will not.
Please note:  We log all IP addresses, so do not abuse this form.  Any abuse of form could result in your ISP or even the police being notified.

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