Welcome to the official site of KewlMCserver (KMCS)!

Best Minecraft, Tekkit, Snapshot, Terrafirmacraft and B-Team Servers in the known Multiverse....he said modestly


Welcome to KMCS!
(Hank's Kewl Minecraft Server)

Est: Dec 2010

Who we are / Our story....

KewlMCserver is a professionally-run and rapidly-growing group of small, well-moderated, non-whitelisted, free-to-join Minecraft servers with minimal-lag that are ran off a hiqh-quality dedicated-server in Europe, but with many good members from North America too.  Members from everywhere are welcome!

We offer a custom Snapshot server, a heavily-modded Bukkit server, a Tekkit server and a B-Team server - these are always kept at the latest versions. :)

In summary; this is KMCS:

Dedicated machine offering:

* Up 24/7!

Experienced, expert and friendly owner.

* Quality moderating from friendly, knowledgeable, helpful ops/admins and mods.

* Free-to-join and Free-to-play.

* Minimal-Lag.

* No building rights needed - come in and play without applying first!

* Server 1: Bukkit with many quality plugins!

* Server 2: Tekkit!

* Server 3: VST (Latest Minecraft Snapshot with many hidden goodies)!

* Server 4: Terrafirmacraft!

* Server 5: Attack of the B-Team!

* Affiliated Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and extensive Website with forums.

* Extensive system of donor-perks

* Recruiting!

Many ranks!

* Rapidly growing and improving.

In a hurry?  Click here for IP, connecting details etc, we sincerely look forward to meeting you :)

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 [Server Status] https://twitter.com/MojangSupport Mojang Status

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 WebStore #1 HELP WebStore #2

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