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Tutorial -

(How to vote for the server and get your FREE REWARD!)




Voting for KMCS is a very quick, very simple and completely free process.  Best of all, it'll help us so a lot so we give you a reward for your effort. :)



Step 1)

You can either go to vote.kewlmcserver.com (and skip to Step 2)




Go to our website by typing kewlmcserver.webs.com into your browser (you don't need the http stuff at the start)


You should see something a lot like this:






Scroll down the page until you see this.





Step 2)


Now Click on that vote button; the circular thing that looks a bit like a badge.

This will take you to this:




Now click on each of the banners underneath where it tells you to.






Each one will take you to a different website where you can vote.




Step 3)


This is our Minestatus voting page.  As of this writing (June 19, 2013) it is also our only external voting provider.  If you can think of more we can add, please let us know.


Now, on the top-right of the page you will notice a "Vote" button, like this:



Click it once.  If you have voted there within the last 24 hours it won't let you, otherwise it will.




Step 4)


Now that your vote has been recorded, you claim your reward :D


You now return to the page you saw in Step 2.  This should still be open in one of your other browser tabs.

If it's not, then put this address in


OK, on the page, near the top  it will say, "Enter your Minecraft IGN.  Put the name you use to play in there (for example, mine is hankscorpiouk), make sure you are logged into our game server, then press the Submit button.






You should now find yourself in the game holding your reward.  You can also vote for us as often as you like, but no more than once every 24 hours.





You can also access this voting badge from Step 1 at any time, by pressing Home in the navbar at the top, or the Vote for Us link.


Thank you and enjoy your reward,

Hank and the KMCS team :D



IMPORTANT WARNING:  Make sure the first few slots of your hotbar are free as the reward goes there :)



Confused about anything?  Click here




Also, if you like the server, please tell your friends and say something here, thanks.




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