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 How NOT to get and keep Op



Hank's Lucky 13 Tips of How Not to Get and Keep Op-

1) Refuse to go to the website and register!

2) Ignore Hank!

3) Ignore other ops!

4) Send Hank or other ops /tells every few minutes asking for op!

5) Don't bother reading and understanding the requirements page!

6) Be clueless about everything!

7) Lie TO the ops and Hank!

8) Lie ABOUT the ops and/or Hank!

9) Get into stupid petty feuds with everyone!

10) Lie about the other players!

11) Grief as much as you can!

12) Fill the chat with crap!


13) Ask lots of stupid questions!


Got all that?


Much more detailed info here for the prospective Ops who don't leave anything to chance....


See WoS (Wall of Shame) page

See server RULES

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