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            Help Wanted!
We are looking for several new staff to help us accomplish our goals.
Key goals:
* Improve our 5 servers and website.
* Dramatically expand playerbase.
* Substantially increase donations/purchases.
* Allow Hank to do other stuff and play a decreasing role in the server(s).
Please click the most appropriate one of these....
Headhunter: If you find us someone who applies seriously for an Op role, and they are successful in their application, we will give you $25 of store-credit to spend any way you want :)


March 9, 2014:
Currently we are looking to fill the following roles and for people with the following skills/traits:
Available Roles
Snapshot server "op" (equivalent to Admin)-
Quantity: We seek 16 max.
Benefits: As an Op at KMCS you are one of the Elite. People care what you think, what you say and what you do.  You are highly-valued.  In addition to this:
* You get to build at Spawn
* You get to Fly!
* You get to use Command Blocks!
* You get to change your Gamemode whenever you want - be that Survival, Creative, Adventure or Spectator!
* You get access to commands the other players don't have, such as the ability to teleport (/tp).
* You are entitled to 10% of ALL monthly cash donations for the server, be it $0 or $1000.  We will get you that money any way you want - be it Paypal, cheque/check, store-credit here, or perhaps Bitcoin.  SeniorOps get 25%.

Our Requirements (what we need from you):
1) This is a JOB, not just lots of screwing around.  You work for us, and we pay you.  You help us reach our goals, being willing to dedicate several hours a week (at the weekend is fine if you have work or school) to that cause.  If you can't handle responsibility or hard work, with some fun, then this isn't for you.
2) You are not somekind of Prima Donna.  You are MATURE, PATIENT and SENSIBLE.  You do not flip-out under stress or pressure or if something goes wrong.  You know not to hassle Hank especially in-game.  You are a self-starter who can solve problems yourself, instead of expecting Hank to do it.   You do not complain about problems, no matter what they are; you find ways to SOLVE them, then tell Hank! :)
3) You know the commands for the current Snapshot inside and out, you've proven this already to Hank, and are willing to proactively share that knowledge with Hank and the other Ops.  Ideally you will know a significant amount about Redstone and/or NBT.  If you have videos or screenshots of your work, or can tell us about other servers you admin'd on let us know the URLs, IPs etc.
4) You realize that Hank is the owner, if asked to do something by Hank you do it immediately, not "later".  Also that means if Hank or another op sends you an inbox message, you answer it fast i.e. within a few hours.  If you fail to answer PMs from Hank, without a very good excuse (like being in hospital or something) you can be permabanned on the spot.  Also never make Hank repeat himself.
5) You are trustworthy - you do not abuse your powers in any way, and know that you do not change anything at spawn without asking Hank first.  You are not able to ban, only Hank can ban.  However, you CAN jail (but only for genuinly bad behaviour - not to settle petty scores).  See the commands at jail for instructions on how to use.
6) You are Registered here
7) You lead by example - regularly posting on forum, voting everyday, writing testimonial (if you don't like us, then why are you here lol), uploading screenshots/videos, generally anything that helps us.
8) You understand the rules inside and out.
9) You are willing to demonstrate your loyalty and investment in the server by contributing $25 to its upkeep (you will get perks in exchange for this even if you don't become Op!).  This is non-refundable, even if you lose op (ProTip:  Don't lose op!).  Please note this does not guarantee you getting op.  This is a fee for processing your application.  Also make sure you read, understand and agree with this legal notice first. If your application is unsuccessful we may still consider a Helper rank for you and you will get $10 store-credit to use here.
10) You realize only Hank spawns things for people, not ops - that includes spawning items and XP.  If you break this you don't just lose op, you get permabanned from all our servers. NEVER spawn for anyone, for any reason.
You also clean-up after yourself - so anything you spawn that is no longer needed goes back into your inv or is thrown away in lava - you DO NOT leave spawned stuff lying around for non-ops to find.  IF you do, instant ban.
11) You are willing to help people on the server and website, this includes greeting new people, asking if they need any help, asking if they've read the signs at spawn etc.  Also being nice to them - this might sometimes involve biting your tongue (see "PATIENT" in #2).  Some people might be new to the game, or maybe not that bright - it doesn't give a right to snap at them.  You alienate 1 customer, and you potentially alienate all their friends too, losing multiple customers in the process.

12) You have ideas of how we can bring new people to the server(s) and regularly act upon them.  You could start with this.  Also you will vote for us everyday, and encourage others on the server to do the same, this should go without saying, as it's in your interests that the server do well.
13) You understand the website completely; each of the major sections, where everything is etc.  Look at the Navbar (the green texts thing at the top) and take some time to go through everything.
14) You are always aware of every issue facing the server, especially technical issues - for example we are currently facing a lack of ops, helpers, donations and a stable player-base - would you know how to fix that?  Or follow Hank's instructions on what to do to remedy it?  Or would you proactively find out how to do it and tell Hank?
15) You are SELF-motivated and want to make the server, the best server it can possibly be.  You do things to help the server on your own accord without Hank or another op having to constantly remind you.
16) You come on often.  At least several hours a week (please tell Hank what hours are most likely for you)
17) You understand that you NEVER op anyone for any reason.  Only Hank ops.  If you op someone, you won't just lose your own op, you will get permabanned from all our servers.
18) You try to get as many people on the server to register here as possible - you also try to get people to donate.  This is in your interests as it keeps the server alive and you get 10% of all monthly donations (25% if SeniorOp)!
19) You realize that if you break any of these conditions, or someone better than you comes along, we can "de-op" you and op them instead.
There are this many conditions because we are tired of idiots letting us down after we trust them with op or admin and because we need the very best possible people.  Those people will be rewarded heavily. :)
Please note that if you fail at being an op, and get fired, you'll probably be permabanned too.  If we place our trust in you, don't let us down!
Also Please note:  A proper application form for this is incoming very soon :)
If you can't say yes to most of the above conditions, then better not to ask for Op, at least until you can say yes.
If you think you can handle op, then the best approach would be to copy and paste the things above, and write a little something for each one (in notepad or whatever), doesn't need to be more than a sentence or 2.  Then copy and paste the whole into the "Contact Hank" form (I'll leave you to find it prospective-op) and send.  Hank and/or other Ops will then look it over and decide if you're ready - please be patient as it may take anything from a few minutes to a few hours to process your application :)
Good luck (PS might be a good idea to bookmark or print this page)
Also, if you get the job be aware there's a not-so-top-secret "Server Admin Centre" directly under the spawn tower.  It's a large room surronded with bedrock so you'll either need to tp there or use "gamemode 3" to fly through the floor and ceiling, then go back into survival or creative mode.  The room's full of command blocks for you to make use of and you can add your own (just don't change any of Hank or other op's stuff!). :)
Please note that if you want to be a SeniorOp, you need to be an Op for at least a few weeks and demonstrate EXTRAORDINARY ability and very strong motivation in that time, and provided we only have a few Seniors already.
Admin Centre (on our Snapshot server), so far....it's now about 5 levels deep!
More Vacancies....  

Bukkit/Tekkit server Admins-
Quantity: Low single digits :P
Only available by becoming a HelperVIP first
Bukkit/Tekkit server SeniorAdmins-
Quantity: Internal promotion only ATM

Even More Vacancies.... 
Inifinite number of Snapshot server "Helpers"
Bukkit/Tekkit server JuniorMods-
Quantity: 25 max
Bukkit/Tekkit server SeniorMods-
Quantity: Internal promotion only ATM
Bukkit/Tekkit VIPs (GreenVIP, HelperVIP, BuilderVIP, ArtistVIP, AwesomeVIP + SilverVIP, GoldVIP, PlatinumVIP)-
Quantity: Unlimited
Web Editors-
Quantity: Undetermined, 1 is probably enough.
Web Designers- 
Quantity: Undetermined, at least 1 lol
Web Developers-
Quantity:  Undetermined, at least 1 lol

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