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Hi, welcome to the Website Guide for KMCS!



Suggested readers:  New members, new staff, prospective staff



As you might have guessed by now this is a VERY extensive website with a lot of information we hope you will find useful to get the most from your time on our server (KewlMCServer).


We have produced this guide to hopefully assist you with this.


Firstly, you should try to become familiar with the Navbar at the top of each page....



The green text functions as links that will take you to any part of the website, and in some cases, even beyond this website.


The website is subdivied into several main categories.


Some of these categories consist of just a single page or web-form, some however are major website sections consisting of many pages, sometimes even sub-categories!



These categories are as follows:




This is one of the first places you'll want to go if you're new to the server.  Here you can formally Register with us.  This is a very quick, easy and completely free process.




Once you've registered we'll quickly upgrade your default [Guest] account at KMCS with a [Regular] account.



There are several benefits of this:


- You will have access to a lot more commands.  Use the /help command in-game to see for yourself. :)

- You wll no longer have the paragraph of ugly pink/purple text following your around everytime you type something.

- We will take you more seriously and be more interested in helping

- If you breach server rules you will be a lot less likely to be banned.

- You will have a greater chance of attaining a staff rank at some point, such as JuniorMod








This is arguably the first major sub-section of the KMCS website.  There is a multitude of things you can do here. As you can see this section sub-divides int 4 things.




You can contact us, privately and securely, about anything you want.

You can see a list of currently registered members, and even send them a PM (Private Message) if you want. 

You can gain access to our very extensive forums. 

And finally you can contact and welcome a new member :)








  • Everything you would ever want to know about us (About KMCS)


 ....and perhaps lots you wouldn't :P


This section consists of several pages



....Such as:


Our mission statement, our introduction, some quick server facts, 









 If you like our server, please click here and write something about us, or perhaps you'd just like to see what others have written.





  • Stuck with something?  Click (HELP) to see that site section


We are always enthusiastic about helping our members get the best experience possible from their time on our server as you will see in this major website section.





  • Feel like sharing your creativity?  (Gallery)


Here you will find a lot of content uploaded over the last few years showing off the creations on the server of various members.





Most of this is in the form of Photo Albums consisting of screenshots (Press F2 in-game to take one),




However there are also a few videos. 





Anyone is free to upload their game-related stuff here :)

Perhaps you'd just like to browse for now?







Indeed, an unpaid job lol, for now; but there are other perks as you will discover by studying this section.

Addtionally you can apply for various staff roles here (As of Jan 10, 2013: just JuniorMod)







  • This is hard work, maybe you'd like to (Help KMCS)
















  • You like this server?  Then why not (Invite) some friends? :)






This is our forum thread where we not only let you know the when the server's down, but also exactly what we're doing about it for you.  Ordinary members are free to contribute to this if they want.




(Staff Stuff)































You're reading it :P





Read this if you want to help us out by voting, and you'd like a reward for your trouble ;)




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 Check your PMs!

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