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Best Minecraft, Tekkit, Snapshot, Terrafirmacraft and B-Team Servers in the known Multiverse....he said modestly



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Well, we have 5 amazing servers, which one(s) you play at is upto you....


-> If you like playing with seriously crazy machines, looking for oil, experimenting with nuclear power (!) or like the idea of mining on the Moon (seriously!), you should try our Tekkit server....



-> Or you could try our awesome Minigames / Bukkit server - It's got survival AND creative worlds!!!   It is also loaded with great 3rd party plugins that give you an experience far beyond the standard Minecraft you might be used to!  This is currently our official Minigames server!

Just some of the highlights are: Factions, Towny, Survival, Creative, mcMMO, Economy, Shops, Auctions, Lottery, Multiple-Spawns, Minigames, PvParena, MobArena!


-> Or you could try to be the next Bear Grylls on our brand new Terrafirmacraft server - "the way survival was meant to be played"!



 Vanilla / Snapshot / Test Server 

-> You could also try our "VST" server....this usually has the very latest Snapshot version from Mojang, letting you see Minecraft at it's very latest - all the newest bug fixes, the newest block types, the newest monsters etc.  This is technically our "Survival and Raiding" server.  Almost anything goes here!




-> Alternatively you could checkout our new Attack of the B-Team server!


Look at this for the connecting instructions and IP of each server :)

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