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This blog is all about my game development efforts.  This will include posts about graphics (2D and 3D), animation, level design and various types of coding on a variety of platforms (Windows, Android, iOS and hopefully Ouya and Raspberry Pi (don't look at me like that)).  I hope people find my posts educational, informative and entertaining 8)

- I'm also willing to let readers submit their own posts if they're good enough.


You can see game programming projects I've undertaken in the very recent past here (unity.kewlmcserver.net).  Sadly I've managed to lose my ancient stuff.  But in all honesty I didn't get very far anyway.  


I might also transfer this to Wordpress.  Or is there a better blogging site I should use?


If you want to speak to me about any of this feel free to click here :)



Feel free to chat about dev/programming-related issues on the forums :)






May 28 | May 29


May 28, 2015


Looking for nice Unity3D addons, researching game design issues, brainstorming for new ideas and improving work environment. 

I've already got dozens of addons, but I've taken my eye of the Unity ball for a few months so probably missed some good releases.  Any good addons you know of?  Please share 8)


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May 29, 2015

Been messing about with AutoTileGen by Pixelatto.  Looks like a decent way of putting together levels for 2D games.  Not seen anything I dislike about it so far and comments generally seem positive about it.




Do you use it?  Use something similar?


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June 19 | June 20June 30



June 19, 2015

Bear in mind I am NOT a graphics guy lol, nor do I pretend to be one, however, as an aspiring indie-developer working in a gigantic team of 1 I have to produce pretty much everything myself, including graphics, levels, animations, [occasional] 3D models, audio, code (of which is my main area of expertise), EVERYTHING.


Anyway to that end I decided to invest in one of these bad boys:

 It's my first graphics tablet.  What you draw ends up on the screen, that simple.


I bought the wireless accessory kit for it too as it wasn't comfortable working with the cable sticking out the back.



Here's some quick experiments I've done with it so far.  Both took a few minutes each.





HarryNJewman; RogueIndie2020


Both were done with GraphicsGale.  I wholeheartedly recommend this for anyone wanting to do spriting work in Windows.


Now to add more detail to sprite, and maybe animate it, and put it in Unity3D prototype (get it responding to user input (walking, running, jumping, shooting etc)), or maybe just start a brand new one (I get bored way too easily!).


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June 19, 2015

Hahaha evidently I can't draw or animate for shit. Here's a little experiment I just did.




WHAT!?  Cats don't walk like that? 

Protip:  you might need to reload page to get animations working. 


Remind you of anything?


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June 19, 2015


Decided to return to Boobarella stuff for a bit.  Here's some animation I just did.

Walk attempt #1


Walk attempt #2

Beautiful Pleidian scene girl galloping across the landscape.


Wut?  Women don't gallop?  Well, they certainly run like spazzes....

Protip:  you might need to reload page to get animations working.


What Illuminati subliminals?  WTF are you talking about dude!?  :/


Update:  Struggling to get GIFs playing within browser, so here's vid I just made of the anims......


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June 20, 2015

Someone was complaining about the lack  of weapon for Boobarella.  So here you go.

Also, behold...... Boobarella3000!!!


 Boobarella3000 Vs Boobarella Original





 In any game I doubt I'd have it much bigger than this.  I've also decided to do all my character sprites at 64x64 resolution with 8 bit colour (256 colours).  Was previously using 32x32x4 (16 colours) but that doesn't allow for anywhere near enough detail for me.








 I made the gun-firing anim with 8 frames.  Here they are:


Frame 1

Emotion:   Hehehe I'll show you who dafuq is "fired"!  *smug*



Frame 2

*pulls trigger*

Emotion:   WTF!?!?!?




Frame 3





Frame 4

*shoulder practically getting dislocated with the recoil*

*boobs almost hitting her in the face*



Frame 5

Emotion:  "Mommy hlep!1 :( "



 Frame 6


Frame 7



Frame 8



 Yeah I know the hair is pretty sloppy, but meh.


That light outline in all the frames (apart from the first one), is the "onion skin". 

This allows the animator to see a preview of the previous frame, the next frame, or both of them similtaneously.  It provides a non-intrusive visual guide for how they should work on the current frame.


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June 20, 2015

Just been playing with walk cycle animations.  Think I get the idea now lol.  Seems the key is to use at least 4 frames.  Gonna try to figure out running now :)


Hopefully these are playing animated......










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June 30, 2015

Hope my neighbours appreciate my 7AM 2D drawing / sprite-making music....

Yeah it's the crazy flying ducks music!


Anyway on a serious note, today is a very special day.  It's the end of the 2nd quarter. 

The end of the first half of the year :O

Obligated to smash this day out of the park and accomplish a ridiculously huge amount; even more than usual. Music helps :P



Also interesting anecdote, I was just trying to find this song again on Youtube and accidentally searched for Femdom.  I'll shut up now. 


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June 30, 2015

Perfect spriting music, and saves me from having to go into Youtube every few mins.  :P


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June 30, 2015

Have cleared space on left of desk for my 2nd monitor and gonna try plugging PC into TV on the right so I could work simultaneously on the 3 screens.  I had this setup before I moved here, but one of the screens was permanently off *facepalm*


This is the kinda configuration I'm going for (but with the 2 side screens being slightly smaller than the main one directly infront of me):

 Note: no this isn't my desk (I wish it was that clutter-free - Ha, no, I'm not a forex trader lol)


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June 30, 2015


Working on a bunch of new animations for use in some games.  Here's the first:



My graphics at this stage doesn't need to be perfect, just adequate. They're just placeholders.


The goal is that they convey the correct message in any game I put them in, that they look somewhat like what they're supposed to portray.  Once I hit upon a prototype that starts becoming popular hopefully someone, with real graphics expertise, will offer to replace them for me with higher-quality work.  Kinda like the approach taken with Gunpoint game.  Like I said, I'm a coder not an artist and there's aren't enough hours in the day to master both


Here's an example of how basic a level you can get away with, even in wildly successful games.  It's all about the gameplay - as Minecraft very ably demonstrated.  But if your soldier looks like a car, and your car looks like a horse, you might have fucked up somewhere...


PS dev soundstracks of awesomeness continue apace...




Here's a couple more animations in the same vein as previous one - basically a top-down view of some guy doing various things.  If it looks more like a TD view of a horse autoerotically asphixiating itself, please do say so I can improve them.  No room for shit work here. 


These should all be animated, but for some reason they're not playing in my browser (any ideas why?) so will make vid later showing them all individually.


Walking (unarmed)-




Shooting pistol sideways-





Aiming pistol (normal)-













"Dead or alive, you're coming with me!"  *gets sued by Verhoeven

....and yeah, he's a southpaw lol (just fixed his right arm)






haha I might need help with "kicking" animation.  Just like IRL :P



I'm doing these top-down ones at 16x16 resolution btw, and with 8 bit colour (palette of 256).

I suspect that's probably adequate for now.  With the Boobarella3000 stuff I worked at 64x64 but that currently seems like overkill for TD stuff.  Gonna stick with that resolution for the sidescrolling / platform stuff however.








Animation Lesson:  Always leave enough space for your sprite to do everything you fucking well need it to do *facepalm*

I left precious little space to work with on either side of the guy (16 pixels wide) so doing fancier anims like  grenade-throwing, rolling, diving, jumping etc are probably outta the question for now.  Also soooooo damn tempting to try 32x32.




Walking while holding pistol sideways (like a badass gangsta)-


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June 30, 2015


 What music / TV do y'all have on while working?


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June 30, 2015

 Taking a break for a bit....




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June 30, 2015


Some more animations done for the TD dude...





Picking item off the ground (food, weapons, ammo etc etc)-



Pacman; hardest animation evar.  #sarcasm


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June 30, 2015

Great artist, can't recommend him enough-




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June 30, 2015

Sorry but I really had no option at all......


Hope this (and all the others) plays animated! 


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June 30, 2015

Yano, this probably answers my question of whether or not something like a flamethrower should use a particle system or somekind of precanned animation like the following-


Problem with above approach I took is it looks the same everytime, whereas if code was used to generate the actual flame i.e. via a "particle system" the dispersal of the fire could look genuinely random each time it's fired.


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June 30, 2015

I can think of a few [very kewl] people who can relate to this, besides me :P




PS if you wanna understand how I put together any of these animations, you can use Ezgif-Split


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June 30, 2015

Once in a while comes a momentous occasion, and we are here to document it for you......



......In the beginning there was, BoobarellaOriginal



then, after many, minutes, of "work", came, Boobarella3000.



Now ladies & gentlemen it is our privilege to present....... *curtains drawing back*......



Boobarella#  (pronounced Boobarella-Sharp)


(128 x 128)



This one was 128x128 resolution this time btw, but I chose to continue using 8 bit colour as I only ever really use a handful of them.


And no, I have no idea the nature of the accident she was involved in......


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June 30, 2015




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June 30, 2015

Me trying to get printer working last night...


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June 30, 2015

If you're wondering where all the coding is at, you're gonna have to wait a bit longer (not much though).  The plan is to create as many 2D assets as possible, so when I'm ready to go back into Unity3D all my graphics are ready and waiting for me.  In the meantime you can checkout coding I did mainly in January and February by clicking here


I've actually identified 13 different projects (mainly rebooting old retro games from the '80s and '90s) that I want to work on, pretty much simultaneously (I get bored easily), over the next few months, while I brainstorm for new indie projects that could actually make serious money. 


The idea is that those 13 carefully-chosen projects will teach me pretty much everything I need to know about 2D games-dev (and enhance my knowledge of 3D stuff), so that at the right time I feel confident to undertake ANY indie project that can be realistically undertaken by a lone developer.  Right now I'm not confident that I could realize a winning, commercially-lucrative idea.  Hopefully these projects will change that.


While I've done a fair bit of coding before (C/C++/C#, PHP, Visual Basic, Javascript, Perl - in roughly that order) most of it was in domains other than gaming.


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June 30, 2015


A vid I just uploaded of the animations I did today.


Please feel free to offer any feedback; positive or negative feedback are both valuable to me.

Thanks :)


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July 2 | July 6 | July 7 | July 10


July 2, 2015

Not easy getting anything done in this heat, which sucks considering how I'm overflowing with ideas :/

Is kind of a wonder air-conditioning hasn't really taken off in this country judging by what the last several summers have been like.

Debating as to whether or not I should try setting up my air-cond here.  Looks like a bit of a pain to setup and not convinced it'll be that effective.... hmmm


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 July 2, 2015

Meh, struggling to concentrate in this heat even with giant free-standing fan right behind me.


Turrican 2 soundtrack to the rescue...


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July 2, 2015


Pistol dual-wielding


Sod it, time to do all my TD (Top-Down)-shooter sprites and anims in 32x32 or maybe even 64x64. Will allow for much greater level of detail and spare space around the sprite should I need it.



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July 2, 2015


Yay, got my new HDMI cable meaning I can plug my TV into the PC! 


So now I can work across 2 screens simultaneously!  Woohoo!


Sorry, this is a pretty big deal to me, as evidenced here:



I've got a 3-input remote control HDMI switch that allows me to switch the input the TV gets, so can easily change between TV, PC and whatever the other thing is (can't remember lol).


*happy dance*


Now to setup screen #3 to my left for that authentic mission-control feel.  YAY!   *dance* *dance* :))


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July 2, 2015


Yay, got my new tablet, finally using tablet that looks like it belongs in the 21st century.




Now once (IF) I get other one back from police (long story), I should be able to easily test any multiplayer Android apps I develop.

PS Retail therapy FTW. :)


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July 6, 2015


LOL.  Oh shut up  :P


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July 7, 2015

I'm warning you now......shut it. 



lol :P


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July 10, 2015


Feeling tired?


Apart from the obvious like sleeping and eating right (not causing yourself sugar crashes), here's some things I find useful...



SAD lightbox

These are marketed primarily at sufferers of Seasonal Affective Disorder, but anyone can use them. They're especially useful if you don't get to see a lot of natural light.

Here's mine, it was about £50 from amazon.co.uk



 These are pretty bright, but not painfully so.  You can look directly at them briefly without apparent ill-effect.  This one emits 10,000 lux and draws 38w of power.



Audio Visual Synthesizers ("Mindmachines")

(also known as "Light and Sound machines" and "Psychowalkmans".


I've been using these on and off for more than 20 years.  They work.

This is my current one, you can get this particular model for about £140 these days.

Control panel on the base unit.  Here you can select the "program" you want to play.



Headphones plug in here.  You can also plug CD/MP3/tape-players if you want to experiment with hypnosis.



Visor (!) plugs in here.



WOW!  You don't see that very often! :O


It's designed in the US though.  Mindplace is a US company.



Regular headphones. Pulsating sounds come out of here!




Rock your own Jordi La Forge look!


These plug into the base unit above.



 4 LED lights for each eye.  These flash red and green.



In operation.



All plugged in and ready to go!

 It's powered by 3 AA batteries, which seem to last forever.






This technology employs, "Brainwave Entrainment" - the flashing lights and pulsating sounds coming from the headphones dominate a large portion of your sensory input and thus guide your brain to specific levels of activity.  It's not instant, it takes upto a few minutes and you need to relax and let go.  You can use this for relaxing/meditating, waking up/becoming more alert, getting into a state conducive for creativity or learning.  It's pretty kewl.


Here's a list of the default "programs" that come with the machine.  There's about 50 of them.

I like to use P10 and sometimes P01 when feeling fatigued.


My machine (Proteus) isn't the most advanced on the market, I've had it for several years, but it's good enough for me. 

The slightly more advanced Procyon.

The Kasina and Laxman models, which make mine look like a stone-age tool lol.


......but unless you intend on being an advanced user it's probably sufficient.


Are they dangerous?  If you have epilepsy or seriously think you might be prone then stear well clear, otherwise, enjoy ;)

My only regret about this stuff is not having used it much more.




Nootropics and supplements

Have you seen the movie Limitless?  Well, that's not what these are lol.

They can help however.

I'm currently trying these supplements.  Prior to that I had tried these.


I don't find myself taking them every day though.  The verdict's still out on these, although like with previous ones I find myself feeling a bit more alert (maybe it's just a placebo effect?) and sometimes it feels like there's a lot more blood sloshing about in the ol' server room.

All the ingredients for the 2 I've tried so far are things that are conducive to optimal neural functioning.


They're pretty expensive; my current ones are £45 for a month's supply although some people have spoken of good results when halving the dose (to spread supply over 2 months).  Are they dangerous?  No, I don't think so.  Would Amazon sell anything they knew or thought would be problematic?  I think generally the supplements can be trusted but there's some stuff that is probably dubious - be very wary of buying this kinda thing from unknown vendors online - they could sell you literally anything.

Also, ALWAYS research the individual ingredients.


More info about Nootropics.


Anyway, been up since 4:30 and feel great :)


ok enough procrastinating, back to some real work :P


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July 10, 2015


Drawing soundtrack.

Got so many now :)



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December 22, 2015


Latest piece of epicness:





Yes, it has room for improvement.  A LOT, but I'm not a graphic artist or animator, so sue me bitches!


The idea is to create "passable" placeholder visuals and put them in my games, then when my games start getting noticed I'll enlist expert help with the graphics, audio etc while I focus on the coding, gameplay/design and business issues.



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December 22, 2015





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