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$$$$$$ ChestShop Instructions $$$$$$

(only applies to our Bukkit server)



Current Admin ChestShop store on the Bukkit server....  



1) Place your chest somewhere you want people to trade with it - ideally somewhere it won't, or can't, get griefed. Also ideally somewhere where people are likely to see it. Perhaps at the end of a path or road, or in a nice building, or in a town, or not to far away from a portal etc.

2) Place the sign immediately above the chest and write something like this (just an example):


First line of sign: <Always leave the first line blank>
Second line ": 64
Third line ": 10:5
Fourth line ": Cobblestone

 So basically....



That above sign means your shop would be able to trade 64 blocks of cobblestone at a time with whoever interacted with it. $10 for them to buy from you and $5 for them to sell to you. You cannot mix block-types in a chest and you must use no less than 1 sign for each block-type.

You can set any prices. You can even make one of the prices (be it for buying or selling) so much that it renders it essentially useless, example: 5:999999
No-one is going to buy cobble from you at 999999 a time, so it'd essentially you become nothing more than a station for you to buy :)

Additionally you don't need to sell in blocks of 64 (stacks), you can sell individual blocks too, or any number between 1 and 64 (possibly even more).

Also, bear-in-mind you can use the "Data ID" for the item you wish to sell, so for example cobblestone would be represented as the number 4. You can also sell or buy pretty much any item that Minecraft currently has.

Finally, we on the server will always be happy to help you setup your shop if you're having any trouble with it, either with the instruction or whatever else. 




Comprehensive guide to SHOP STUFF at KMCS




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