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Bukkit Ranks

Ideas if you want to try for VIP! :)



Current Ranks


- Guest (not registered yet),


- Probation (behave!)


- Regular (Registered member)



- 7 Level-1 ranks (GreenVIP, BuilderVIP, HelperVIP, ArtistVIP --- SilverVIP, GoldVIP, DiamondVIP),
- 1 Level-2 VIP rank (AwesomeVIP),

- JuniorMod,

- SeniorMod,


- JuniorAdmin,

- SeniorAdmin



- 3 reserved Platinum Level/Tier 3 ranks (Emperor, King, Queen) so far
- Platinum Level-3 (reserved titles and custom colours)
- Platinum Level-2 (custom titles)
- Platinum Level 1, Gold, Silver donators


Probation Status

This is applied to people who seriously misbehave.  Their name turns pink and they become pariahs until we think they've learned the lesson, then we restore them back to their original rank.  This is used as an alternative to banning and/or jail.  We CAN and DO ban however.

Guest Rank

This rank is what every brand new visitor to the server should have by default.  There is an extremely limited list of commands at that stage, so the new visitor is strongly encouraged to attain "Regular" rank by writing /rules in-game.

Regular Rank

"Regular" rank status is applied to people once they have registered at the website.

VIP Ranks

There are 8 types of VIP on the server, divided into 2 categories (Paid and Non-Paid).  7 Level-1 ranks (GreenVIP, BuilderVIP, HelperVIP, ArtistVIP --- SilverVIP, GoldVIP, DiamondVIP) and  1 Level-2 VIP rank (AwesomeVIP).

The Non-Paid VIP ranks are EARNED and result in extra status, respect, rights and extra commands for you hopefully you'll find, fun, useful and/or interesting.

  • GreenVIP

(This simply means we like/respect you, but without specifying exactly why)

  • BuilderVIP 

(awarded because you're a great builder!),

  • ArtistVIP 

(awarded for making artistic things especially pixelart and videos),

  • HelperVIP 

(awarded for generally being helpful to people, especially staff),


  • AwesomeVIP

(2 or more of the above).


The AwesomeVIP rank simply means you're 2 or more types of VIP.  You may be a great Helper AND a great Builder, in which case you deserve the "Awesome" title....


Additionally; if you are a HelperVIP or ArtistVIP you are more likely to be considered for Admin roles at some point. Much more likely if "AwesomeVIP".







The Paid Upgrade Ranks are available to anyone and everyone, including people who have just joined the server for the very first time.  They do not have to be earned.  However there is a small cost associated with these "upgraded accounts".  The costs are used to support the cost of running the server.

Paid Upgrade Ranks are as follows:

DiamondVIP (for 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year)



GoldVIP (for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year)



SilverVIP (for 1 month, 3 months, or 1 year)


Mod and Admin Ranks*

JuniorMod, SeniorMod, 
JuniorAdmin, SeniorAdmin

Anyone may apply for JuniorMod and JuniorAdmin roles via the form on this site, however; Senior status is only awarded once we deem that enough hands-on experience has been gained.

Hank is the owner, but is technically also a SeniorAdmin.   This also applies to "Teals", despite his title officially being King.


The server allows people to upgrade their ranks via a very modest subscription fee.  This fee helps pay server costs.

The paid-ranks are Silver, Gold and Diamond, in ascending order of merits.
There are however 3 levels of Platinum subscription.  Level-1, 2 and 3.  The benefits of upgrading to each of these are presented in detail at the UPGRADES page. :)

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