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Server MotD - 24 hours




MotD (Message of the Day) - for a full day; 24 hours!

If you would like to advertise on our servers, we can let you decide what our MotD (Message of the Day) is.


We can give you this for varying lengths of time. You can write whatever you want, within reason (nothing potentially libellous/slanderous).


It could be an advert for a product or service you offer (on the server or in the real world), or perhaps a nice message to a friend. :)


We think you will find we offer good value for money to advertisers, as large numbers of people visit our server everyday and will see your message.


MotD Price-plan, per individual server:

* 6 hours $10

* 1 Day $24

* 1 Week $120

* 1 Month $400

* 3 Months $1000

* 6 Months $1800

* 12 months $3300

We can also arrange in-game advertising for you.  Click here to discuss, or click here if you'd like to discuss sponsoring us.

The message you'd like to display? Your name / email?

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