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Farmer Giles


Farmer Giles

A kit for aspiring farmers!

We give you....

  • 16 pumpkin seeds!
  • 16 melon seeds!
  • 16 wheat seeds (for making bread, cookies, cake)!
  • 16 Raw Potatos!
  • 16 Carrots!
  • 16 Sugar Cane!
  • 16 Cactus!
  • 8 Bowls!
  • An Iron hoe!
  • A sturdy fishing rod with Luck of the Sea enchantment!
  • A boat for all your nautical expeditions


  • a FREE cake!   It's not a lie!

Oh and as this kit is worth $15 or more, we give you the /back command .  Meaning you can always return to the last place you were previously at - especially useful if you die and lose lots of stuff in the process.

Instructions:  Write /kit farmer

Please note:   We advise you to have an empty inventory when using this

This kit is renewable for 3 months with a 1 week cooldown period.

Protip: If you ever find yourself with too much stuff, food or otherwise, why not try to auction some of it with the /auc command, or sell some of it at one of the many shops in-game?

This kit is normally $15 - but the next 3 are going for just 9.99 - get them quick before someone else does!

We'll also give you VIP status (which means more commands) - normally reserved for orders of $25 and above!

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Terms and Conditions - please read .

What server do you want to use this on (Snapshot, Bukkit or Tekkit?) and what is your Minecraft name?

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