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Best Minecraft, Tekkit, Snapshot, Terrafirmacraft and B-Team Servers in the known Multiverse....he said modestly


Quotes When I first came on this server back in early 2011 I could instantly tell I would like this server - the staff were great friendly, the admins and players are keen to socialise and there was a lot of trust between the users. Unlike some other servers, where the admin acts like Mussolini and big chunks of the map are ravaged by griefing, this server is one I can come back to and always see some positive developments happen. Let's not forget the pumpkin farming! Quotes
Demented hermit

Quotes I have been playing on this server on-and-off since its creation and have yet to find a better server! It is constantly improving and making changes for the better. Try requesting something and chances are it will be put in just for you. You will make amazing friends on this and become part of a fantastic community that is always willing to help you and wanting to see your most recent creation. I have played this server at all levels and they are all brilliant! Get ready for the best minecraft experience in the WORLD! Quotes
Long-time Player

Quotes This is the only server I have come back to every single time. Some reasons you should try this server: Friendly people who help when you ask, You can go find your own small spot to build, or join a town, The chance for a promotion, The chance to make life long friends. Quotes
Fellow Server User

Quotes This is the best server to play on if you want a safe, free, and usage of MANY great plugins! Quotes

Quotes No matter what anyone says, this has to be my favorite thing to get on. When you log in, all you see in the chat is a friendly hello. Regardless of if you know each other you talk, about the game or just random stuff. My favorite thing to do for a while, just because of the atmosphere Quotes
Just a regular guy

Quotes When I started out on this server I had less than mud. In over 3 weeks I am now junior mod. This community is great and very welcoming. Quotes
Customer/First Class Pimp

Quotes this server is amazing. I CAN BE AWESOME AND POST MORE ON THIS WEBSITE BECAUSE I GOT A NEW LAPTOP HELL YEAH!!! but recently i havnt been on so yeah but other than that fact i think this server is amazing. i found this server awhilz back and i loved it. not any SUPER HUGER BUILDINGS and now wimpy dirt houses that people are so proud of they will pee for. this server is just right. just like that one bear who killed goldylocks :D. Quotes

Quotes THIS IS AWESOME! Quotes
President of pie

Quotes I....LOVE....vvv THIS vvv....COMPANY........WOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quotes
Steve Ballmer
CEO, Microsoft Corporation

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