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Best Minecraft, Tekkit, Snapshot, Terrafirmacraft and B-Team Servers in the known Multiverse....he said modestly


Quotes A long, long time ago I can still remember how that server used to make me smile.... It has been years now since i first started playing minecraft, truthfully under a friend of mine's account which he didn't know I was using. I ran across this server, and decided to stay and build here. From there, it lead to being an admin for a while, a slight fight with hank, and everything that I know now.... Basically my entire multiplayer experience stemmed from this server, and might i say i miss it. The community was superb, the building was fun, and the world itself was simple but unique... Quotes
A long long time ago

Quotes I came across these servers after many hours of searching for a Tekkit server and I am so glad that I came across them, the community is friendly and strong and it must have one of the best an fair owners I have seen run a server in a long time. So I just have to say one thing don't waste another moment of your life and join as you will not want to leave. Quotes
The server is kewl.

Quotes This server is by far one of the greatest that I have played on, back in 2011 I discovered it during my searches for a minecraft server. After hours of sifting through servers trying ti find the perfect one I came across this one where I found myself as a guest. Eventually over time I worked my way up to the rank of [HelperVIP] (Also known as a Junior Mod) then sadly as the years passed I neglected minecraft, I lacked all intrest for gaming as a whole but the one thing that I always remained constant just incase was this server. 3 years on and back into gaming and minecraft I was sure to try out this server again. Sure enough some of the old community was still around and I was even able to introduce a couple of my new friends to this server. Its a brilliant place to be with a vibrant community of friendly members and staff. Im now proud to call myself a Admin on this server. As we age in life we get weaker, our bones become fragile and this server only grew stronger with years! Quotes
Satisfied Mom

Quotes This server is such a good server but there is only one bad thing about it and a few people know it it lacks the players but apart from that This Server has every thing you would want such as Friendly players and staff Mini Games Towny Fractions And also more will be coming out Quotes
Beast server

Quotes This is a cool server but only thing it lacks is players. However, the upside of this is that most of the terrain isn't greifed. Also the random teleport thing at spawn is awesome, something that no other server has. Quotes
The person who lives in the best possible area on the server

Quotes This server tick all the boxes! It's the best Multi-player server around; and believe me, I've been looking for ages! This server is filled with opportunities; PvP, Creative styles and because it's survival there's a challenge in itself - we even have the occasional snowball fight ;D Quotes
That guy who wrote this ;D

Quotes This server is great I first heard about it from my friend "Jonsadventures" and have tried to persuade others at my school to join like my friend Alex "AlexanderM98" It is really fun and has a very welcoming and friendly community. It is a really great server due to the fact every ones willing and happy to help I recently went Mining with Alex and we had so much fun I can't wait to do it again I would recommend this Server to any minecraft fan or someone who is thinking about getting minecraft. The town system is so fun and such a great way to make everyone feel involved in the server I would Rate this server 10/10 - a must have! Quotes
Regular of the server

Quotes i love kelmcserver because when my friends told me about a server they had i could wait to try multiplayer out. but after this i thought all servers were full of awesome helpful people but i was sadly mistaken.... no one can beat kewlmcserver.com Quotes

Quotes My friend out of the blue was all like, happy derpkins flapytime! (this he would tell me meant: go to kewlmcserver.com and play on it) and boy am i glad he translated! This is all i do now! its so much fun and everyone is nice. If you see me on when you get started or if you just need help, just tell me! I can probably give you the supplies and help get you started on a town. or, even better... just join mine!!! Quotes
yo-yo master

Quotes I joined this server after Jonah(geega17) bragged about it at my school, and I'm glad I did. The people here are great, the server has a great uptime as well as a multitude of plugins that add an interesting twist to the game. In summary, this server is so awesome, it's crazy awesome. Quotes
The Cooliest Player Ever