Welcome to the official site of KewlMCserver (KMCS)!

Best Minecraft, Tekkit, Snapshot, Terrafirmacraft and B-Team Servers in the known Multiverse....he said modestly


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Illinois, USA
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Welcome to the official site of KewlMCserver KMCS!

Your Youtube / Video Channel? Say none if you don't have one.


Have you even noticed this bit? :P


Would you be willing to donate or buy something from us to keep the servers going?

If it's worth the price

How long have you been playing Minecraft?

2 years, more or less

What is your favourite thing about Minecraft?

Keeping an organized economy, having people take jobs doing different tasks.

Out of 10, how highly would you rate our servers?

TBH haven't played yet, sorry.

Out of 10, how highly would you rate our website?

6. It looks decent, It needs more detail.

Have you told anyone else about us?


Do you have Twitter? What is it? Can we add you?


Have you been to our Facebook group yet?


Have you been to our Youtube channel yet?


Out of 10, how highly would you rate our videos?

Never watched them

What is the thing you're most proud of having done in Minecraft?

Creating an organized faction

Have you answered any of these questions?

Yes, yes I have

Have you played any modpacks such as Tekkit or B-Team? What did you think of them?


How did you learn of our servers / site?

Searched up a snapshot server and there it was

Probably a stupid question, but when you move your mouse over the green text at the top, do menus dropdown?

Yes but the configuration is off a bit

What else do you think we could ask here?

Not sure

Noticed any obvious problems or oversights on our part?







Illinois, United States of America

What other games do you like, and on what platforms?

GTA V is a good one, and Battlefield on the PS4

Other Minecraft servers you've been on, or is this your first?

VortexPvp is one but they factions got f*cked up after they removed some plugins and added others.

GotPvp is another. They have GTA. Not sure why I don't play on there anymore.

Out of 10, how highly would you rate our webstores? Which do you like the most / hate the least?


What browser do you use?

Safari, because I run mac.

What OS do you use (Windows, Mac OS, Linux etc)?


What screen resolution do you typically use?

1200 x 800



Which spawn did you first spawn at?

Not Sure

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