Server Details Made In Minecraft Server Details Made In Minecraft Kewl Minecraft Server The name of the server made within the game. (A possible logo for the website.) 110167678 IP Address The IP address for the server. (Could be used as a border for the site?) 110168349 Pink Status (Pariah) If you do something wrong that is punishable instead of banning or kicking you we may turn you pink which will bring you certain drawbacks and also make you feel less of a man. 110172359 Blue Status ([Mod]erator Or VIP) A moderator that has not donated or a very high ranking VIP. 110172993 Orange Status (Regular) When a person has about 15 hours total play time and has shown themselves as a member of the community they will get regular status. 110174385 Gold Status (Donator) Gold status is given to people who donate and depending on their rank when they donate they will get either: Gold VIP; Gold [Mod]erator or Gold Admin. 110182513 White Status (Newbie) The status given to any newcomer to the server until they play long enough to become a regular. 110183074 Green Status (VIP) Green status is the standard colour given to a VIP that has not donated. 110183466 Red Status (Admin) The standard colour given to an Admin before they have donated. 110184233 111340875 174334201 174334202 174334203 174334204 174334205 174334206