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Think you can do better?  The answer is YES!

This was just a basic thing I did in like 15 minutes, including all the signs inside.  It's in the main survival world of the Bukkit server.



The idea is that if no-one is around for you to sell or auction your stuff to, you can always sell it to the server itself.  It's ideal for brand new people too....

Sure the /sell command was supposed to do that, but it's temporarily broken, and I've no idea when it'll be fixed.

You can also buy stuff here.  At the moment it's just basic wooden and stone tools, but I don't mind what's sold - just that the absolute basics have to be on offer too.  See a lot of new people ask for kits or free stuff when they first arrive.  That's not happening, but there's nothing to stop them from selling some dirt or cobble at one of these adminshops, then with the money buying some tools.... :)

I don't mind people sharing their own stuff with new people, if they want, just that the server doesn't give out freebies, so this provides people with another option.  A new person could come on, dig up a smallish amount of dirt, sell it here, buy some wood or stone tools and off they go, no need for them to craft anything, punch trees etc.

It's pretty basic as you can see.  If you think you can do better, then let us know and we'll give you the materials you need to build it - or better yet you can make it in the creative world and we'll copy/paste it in.

This is where it currently resides (Falgoth by Rickydaan), as I think it's a pretty nice place for new people to see.  However, you can put it elsewhere if you want, doesn't have to go here....

If you have access to /warp it's "adminshop", otherwise you can go through the blue portal at GuestSpawn (the floating ball things lol) to get there....

EDIT 0.5: You might also be able to get there by writing /adminshop or /mswarp adminshop

EDIT: Oh and everyone is welcome to make their own portals like that :)

If you're a Regular, you could earn yourself BuilderVIP status if you help with the AdminShop.

EDIT2: If you want to make your own ChestShop store, checkout the tutorial here

EDIT3: Just a reminder that we'd be willing to give out BuilderVIP rank for help with making a better one.  But it has to be much better than the current shop (although it couldn't really be much worse lol).


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