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What's wrong with people today?  I've just had to ban 2 people (tom and jake) because they refused to even acknowledge my existence.  It was just the 3 of us in there.  First I say Hi, and ask them if they're going to register.  No answer, at all.

A few minutes later I asked if anyone wanted to buy some diamonds, no answer.  Ok, I guess that means no.

Then a few minutes later I asked if they had any cloth or leather to sell, no answer.

By now I'm getting pretty steamed.  So I TP to them and stand right infront of them, nothing.

Then I start kicking them.  They immediately log back in without saying anything.

So I freeze them both, again they're saying nothing.

So I jailed them.....NOW they start talking, and getting pissed off, of course by this time it's too late and I ban them.

Also, bear in mind the whole time they were talking to each other, so it's not like they couldn't speak English or weren't looking at the text chat.

It's my damn server, you'd think they could manage a basic level of respect!  Repeatedly ignoring ANY mod or admin is pretty insulting but to ignore the owner, especially considering they haven't paid a penny to play there, is unbelievable!!!  Lifetime ban for those pricks.


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Its not likes it hard to say 'hi' or ever 'no'. >.<


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