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Maybe this would have been better sent by PM or over FB.  Anyway, I'm sorry to hear all that.  Obviously all that is much more important than Minecraft. But sometimes it can be nice to escape from reality a bit you know?   Take a break etc.  I guess I would have known, but I didn't see any mention of that on your FB page.  I hope it all works out.

Anyway, Geega, Morocro etc etc see what you did?  You contributed to my great stress ('m writing this at 1:11AM when I should be doing what people normally do at 1:11AM) and that great stress  has now contributed to upsetting Gretchen.  

This is what happens when you CBA people.  Nice, well done....good luck winning IRL if you take that attitude when you start getting real jobs.  Think about your actions.





Also Mofo I offered you promotion to SeniorMod TWICE.  You ignored me TWICE.....that opportunity is gone now.  Or let me guess you also have family members in hospital and couldn't get back to me?



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I am also sorry about unlocking this thread but I feel it's the best place to post it.

I'm sorry that you've had so much to deal with recently Hank and I will do my best to relieve some of the workload. After posting this I'll plod on with some of the things on the task list.

However even though I try my best to help out when I am on, at this time of life specifically I can't be on as much as I'd like to. I'm starting my GCSEs soon and thus have a lot (too much, if I may say!) homework, assignments, irrelevant essays and revision to catch up on. I can get some quality Minecraft time in on most days but a lot of the time I'm AFK with the chat window up so I can answer and questions or greet new people. I know Admin might not be an appropriate rank for me at this time and I'd understand it if another rank would be better. However I help out where I can.

I can make no promises about when I come on but I assure you that it's whenever I can.

Hank, don't stress yourself out like that. Remember, it's only a Minecraft server, and when push comes to shove life is infinitely more important. If there's any gamebreaking problem one of us online will be here to help.

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