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Does anyone speak latin? like, fluently? And if not latin, French or Italian?

I'm learning Spanish from my aunt, so thats taken care of. But I really want to learn either french or italian, mainly italian, but both eventually. Latin is the root to a lot of languages, especially italian. So i want to learn that first if possible, and i'm just curious if anyone speaks it, or at the very least knows it.

P.S. No clue where to put this, so hank I suggest an Off-Topic forum, :)

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Latin would be taught at a posh school, and is not used too much. In terms of learning a language, I say it would be useful, but could get confussing etc. (Slight changes in words).


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I like Latin :D, its a interesting laguage compared to English, I'm taking Latin I right now so I'm not a super expert at it. Also, it's very difficult to become fluent in Latin. Good luck though :)


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