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Has anyone played GMod?  What do you think of it?  What kinda contraptions did you make with it?  Any vids of your stuff?  One day I MIGHT start a GMod server to run alongside this.

EDIT: I like trying to make missiles with it :>  Experimenting with MIRV systems and crazy stuff like that, problem I find with that though is the map sizes are kinda limited (hopefully one day Garry can solve it even if it means a totally different engine).  Also the Spacebuild stuff is pretty fun IMO.  Has anyone messed about with the fin addon, so you can make things like "realistic" helicopters and planes?


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Garry's mod! :D

I'm a fan of explosives especially - spawning the PHX torpedo prop then attaching thrusters so I can maneuvre it in mid-air and fly it into everybody else's stuff, or making remote-control multi-use mines. The fun never ends with things that blow up!

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Sounds fun. Never heard of it tbh. I can see it being grief abused


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