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Hey everyone, I just want to inform you that I won't be on the server much, if not at all for the next week. So, don't ask me to fix and/or do anything, from in game courier or anything like that, send through pm. Also i won't be able to get around to it til I'm back.

This is just so everyone knows why I'm not on, i'd also like to take this time to assign geega to the main spawn job for now :D. Basically, get a spawn built by someone, even if you have to do it yourself. Multiple spawns are fine, its the whole point of multispawn. Define and protect them, add info to them, and setup the multispawn for them. 

If you give someone creative, just like before, monitor them, if they teleport away, teleport them back asap, and check their chests later. Warn them not to teleport and clear their inventory beforehand. After they finish for the day, or the whole build in general, remove creative, kill them, /ci, and give them my thanks for building the spawn.

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Ok, thanks for the heads up


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Also just so ppl know we can see inside chests, it's not easy, but it can be done.  So don't take the above job just to steal supplies, you will be caught :P


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