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Effect: Potentially unlimited Repair XP in an incredibly short space of time.

1) Get two half-broken stone swords on your hotbar
2) Use one (AND ONLY ONE) of them continuously on an anvil (iron block).
3) The durabilities won't be maxed, but rather the two swords' durability will flip, and you can continue to get lots of XP.

I've gotten to 30 by doing this, so if anyone wants to reduce it back to pre-bug discovery they can feel free to.

Don't know if this is fixable but just to let the staff know.

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this happens with all swords, including iron and (I belive) diamond. Thanks so much for reporting it though.
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I knew about this with iron, but not stone, so thanks for the heads-up.  Also not seen this with diamond before.

IDK what we're gonna do about it though.  On the one hand I think, sod it, if everyone knows about it then they're all on a level playing field, OTOH I think it's something that needs to be squished...what I wonder is if the mcMMO author even knows about it.  Has anyone ever reported it to them?

Might be worthwhile....and opportunity to go into Bukkit.org with a non-OTT KMCS sig :>


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