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As everyone should know by now, we need a main spawn. Some people have on and off volunteered to build one..but meh, nothing has happened.

I build a 150x130 box, split into four sections. If you want to, you can either A. build alone in a single section, build with multiple people in two sections, or if everyone wants, it can be a server wide project, and i can delete the sections altogether.

If you want to help, you will have temporary creative mode. However, you must come with a clear inventory and the ability to /home, /spawn, /tp etc will be removed. That way we can force you back to survival, and then kill you to reclaim any "forgot to give back" items.

Reply here if you want to help and i can add you to the permissions of it, I still need to make a parent group and have the four other ones defined within it, but i'll wait til people actually choose to do it.

The box is currently located at 1000x 1000z, cause i figured that be a good place for it. I'm 98% sure no one's builds were harmed in the process.. I apologize if for some reason they were.

Oh that reminds me, you can also choose not to make the spawn, and make a jail(s), test a design for something of your own, or make something else for the spawn area you think we need. I don't mind. I just want the spawn made. :)

EDIT: I forgot to mention, currently hank, Teals, teal, geega, and me have permission in the region, name is 'spawnbuild'.



EDIT2: I also forgot to say mswarp spawnbuild


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spiced it up a bit cause i was bored, good luck, hope to see something nice..maybe i'll give a prize away to whomevers spawns we use.


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Coming in to take a look.  Also waiting for surveyor (IRL) to turn up so might not be able to stay long.

Edit: IDK what kinda rewards Vashal was planning, but in addition to anything he offers I can say....if you're a Regular or even a Newcomer rank this COULD, depending on the quality, help you get BuilderVIP or perhaps ArtistVIP status, which doesn't just mean more commands, it means when slots are full we're more likely to kick a Reg off to make space for you.  it could also score points if you ever try applying for a Mod or Admin role :)

Edit 2: Just made a new warp to it called "newspawn" ha, you can never be paranoid enough in this life.

Edit 3: Wow, how did you manage to make the multiple biomes like that?


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Put me down for it :D

I will end up more like the ideas guy probs :P


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