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Me and Vashal were discussing this before and concluded it'd be good if there were easier ways to connect from spawn to your towns.  Not everyone will be able to TP or warp or portal around, and it can be a while before you're ready to make maps or compasses.


New people can easily get lost.  Sure, they should know about /sethome but what happens when they're brand new and looking for somewhere to start?

Also, we feel we should have other options too, for example roads/paths and rail links.  These could be at ground level, above ground/on bridges, underground, whatever you want.


It's true people might be tempted to grief/steal tracks so you'd need to get an Admin/SuperAdmin to protect them for you.  Remember there's 3 SuperAdmins and 2 Admins ATM, so don't ask me first pls.  


They'll only do this protecting however if it's easy to do.  You can make it easy by making the tracks outside your towns AS STRAIGHT AS POSSIBLE.  Inside your towns you can make them however you want, rollercoasters, whatever, as they'll be protected automatically if you own the land they're on/under/above.   If you try doing this outside your towns admins won't likely protect them as it'll e a nightmare to do and will take land away from other people due to how protecting works, so unless you're willing to lose tracks/annoy admins keep your out-of-town tracks nice and straight.  As for footpaths it's not likely anyone will want to steal them unless they're made from gold blocks or something lol....but again, if you do want them protecting, remember, nice and straight.


Also, keep in mind  you probably should strongly WANT connections to your town.  You want people to join your town right?  If you've got somekind of business there, like a shop or whatever, you want people to go there and spend money right?  Make it easy for them to get to you.


Finally; at the moment there is just 1 spawn; Vashal's library.  However, soon I will be adding something that lets us have MULTIPLE SPAWNS, and presumably picks them at random each time someone goes to spawn.  This is for numerous reasons.  I'll probably only add buildings and towns to the spawn list if they're really nice and you actually want to be on list, so make your stuff good :)



build roads and rails between your towns etc, 

keep them nice and straight, 

get an admin to protect them for you, 

Make your towns as nice as possible,



Any questions, ideas, comments?




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