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As there has been some idiocy recently in the forum make  sure you follow the points below on how to not annoy Hank and the other Moderaters


Before creating, or posting on a irrelivant topic, always search the forum for a suitable place to post.

There have been many bans due to this, all of which could have been prevent by spending 5 minutes to search the forum for an appropriate topic, or create one in a suitable place if there isnt.

Another point, don't post in places desingned for certain ranks, e.g. a topic designed for moderaters. This has also caused hassel recently.


Another important point is to think before typing something stupid.

One recent example would be " I'm sure some Mods and Admins would be delighted to help you. " This is stupid as all mod and admins should be putting efoort in regardless, especially as they earn't their ranks by constantly helping.



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Yes sir.

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