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Tips For Being Respected On The Server

This post is about things to do in order to be respected within the servers community, it will contain some tips displayed in the game and also some tips provided by me and other admins.

Here are the most important server tips : -


  • NEVER piss off Hank (Don't ask stupid questions and follow the rules!)
  • RULE - Respect admins and mods
  • It's your own responsibility to protect your own stuff, DO IT!
  • Join a town, or create your own!
  • Buy land claims - only 1000 each!
  • Admins will make you a cauldron if you ask nicely!
  • If you have a good idea or suggestion, start a thread on the forum!
  • If laggy or crashing; set Render Distance to Normal in options
  • Share your screenshots!
  • Write /sethome when you want to settle down and build. Then /home to get back there
  • The more people join your town, the more land you claim for the town.
  • Read the Rules and Regs on the website, and maybe register there too (http://kewlmcserver.webs.com).
  • This server's IP is kewlmcserver.com or
  • Owner: Hankscorpiouk. Admins: Geega17, TealsHusband, teal_69, Vashal, Innsomatic
  • Please report any problems or concerns you have; including broken plugins, lag etc
  • Write /help for list of commands
  • Follow us on Twitter. Main accounts: hankscorpiouk, kewlmcserver
  • If you get lost you can write /spawn /home or /compass
  • Hacking/Cheating/Duping/Griefing = BAN.
  • Press F3 to find out where you are
  • Hold F1 down while pressing F2 to take a screenshot
  • The best way to protect your things is by being part of a town
  • Look at the website before you ask Hank or an Admin something
  • Don't forget to protect your chests with /lwc or /cprivate commands
  • Regulars and above can use /who as well as /playerlist
  • RULE- Close doors and gates behind you, especially in other ppl's houses and towns.
  • RULE- Keep public chat to ENGLISH
  • RULE- NEVER ignore admins or mods.
  • Hank / Hankscorpiouk = owner
  • Relog if you're invisible or world looks glitchy


  • Don't ask mods/admins/hank to tp you and your friends around the map, you'll just irritate them.



To see a full list of server tips click here.

Some key tips from admins : -


  • Mongfish : If an admins says they're busy. For example reloading plugins wait for a while until you start asking them to do things.
  • Mongfish : Don't pester people to buy things from you just because they are richer than you.
  • Mongfish : In a town if you're not sure where you can build ask the town mayor or any assistants to the town if you are allowed to build there.
  • Mongfish : Before instantly writing 'HANK!!!!! HELP ME!!!!' try asking another admin about your problems or putting it as a question to everyone. You also need to explain what is wrong. Try to be considerate as hank doesn't want to spend all his time on the game helping people who don't know how to make a pickaxe. :P
  • Mongfish : Whenever there is a server restart just re-join and DONT ask why your favourite plugin is working because all the admins will be hard at work loading the plugins so that things can be restored to usual. This is why you DONT bother them!


  • hankscorpiouk : Think of me as an admin. The main one. When I say "admins", I'm including myself.
  • hankscorpiouk : Make sure you understand how the Whitelist system works. If you get thrown off the WL, you are NOT banned. You can reapply after 3 days providing you have the right attitude and understand why you were removed. "Sorry" alone, won't be enough.
  • hankscorpiouk : Do not argue with us about the WL. Not in any shape or form. If you do, you will be banned.
  • hankscorpiouk : If you get banned, find another server, you will NEVER come back here.
  • hankscorpiouk : Don't spam me or the admins on here or in the game.
  • hankscorpiouk : Don't ask us to blow stuff up for you or use cuboid for you, unless you're a donating member.
  • hankscorpiouk : If you are a rank lower than mod, admin or VIP you CAN have TNT or lava, but our systems will automatically stop you from using them. However, you CAN sell it to someone who is authorized to use them.
  • hankscorpiouk : Be friendly and positive towards everyone especially the mods and admins. If you can't do that, then at least don't upset mods or admins and keep yourself to yourself.
  • hankscorpiouk : Do yourself a favour and log off if you go AFK. You don't have to, but it beats having other ppl talking to themselves when you don't answer and when we have PvP you could get killed while AFK, or maybe killed by monster.
  • hankscorpiouk : If a mod or admin doesn't answer straight away, be patient. If you hassle or spam them you run the risk of being removed from WL or even banned..
  • hankscorpiouk : Build awesome stuff. Try to limit using dirt or cobble in your buildings. Make awesome videos of your stuff. Share your screenshots with us here. Get good new people to join the server, over the age of 18 and make sure they understand how we do things here.
  • hankscorpiouk : Understand you can be promoted or demoted at any time. NEVER ask for promotion.
  • hankscorpiouk : We use a ficticious currency on the server called Spiderdollars; you earn this by selling stuff and/or paying for top-ups via Paypal.
  • hankscorpiouk : Feel free to donate to us and buy Spiderdollar top-ups. This money will help pay the server's costs and may pay for future upgrades.

If admins or mods have any other tips about things that directly bother them please message me in-game or on-site. I will be asking everyone too!

P.S. - If any admins or mods want to add their own, feel free to unlock it and just add them in the right place.  

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Thanks Mong, have stickied this.


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Vashal Edit: I made some changes to make it more up to date, i'm sure there is more though. If none of the other forum mods change them I will find them when I get home.


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