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Here is a list of tips that are given on the server, one at a time, for your perusal.  Let me know if you can think of anymore we can add :)

all|You should probably delete me, I'm just an example.


all|Server is undergoing HEAVY, complex maintenance right now.  Don't ask when it will be ready or stupid question.


all|NEVER piss off Hank (follow the rules and don't ask stupid questions!)

all|RULE- Respect Admins and Mods.


all|It's your own responsibility to protect your own stuff.  Do it.

all|Don't set your /home right next to a tree, it might glitch and kill u, as it just did to me, d'oh!


all|Brush your teeth at least twice a day :D

all|When destroying portals, remember to destroy the sign FIRST!

all|Nether is not available here, portals are for travelling around the normal map!

all|Design your own portal shapes!

all|Buy land claims - only 5000 each!



all|You can make glowstone in a cauldron!

all|Admins will make you a cauldron if you ask nicely!

all|Ask an admin to exchange redstone for redstone-ore (4 for 1).  Use ore in cauldron.

(*10 for 1 actually)


all|If you have a good idea or suggestion, start a thread on the forum!

all|"Always leave a tip if you get good service" -DangerousMaster

all|If laggy or crashing; set Render Distance to Normal in options

all|Share your screenshots on the server :)


all|Write /sethome when you want to settle down and build.  Then /home to get back there

all|Write /money top to see list of richest 5 people

all|Write /money top 20 (or other number) to see Rich List

all|Don't forget to look at /town and /towny commands

all|Claim land for your town with /claim toggle

all|The more people join your town, the more land you claim for the town

all|Life is hard, then you die.  Nice tip eh... :P

all|Read the Rules and Regs on the website, and maybe register there too (http://kewlmcserver.webs.com).

all|This server's IP is kewlmcserver.com or

all|Port number is 25565 probably

all|Owner: Hankscorpiouk. Admins: Mongfish, iiEXXTR3MEii, Enira, Echo_215, TealsHusband, teal_69, The4thHorseman

all|Please report any problems or concerns you have; including broken plugins, lag etc

all|Please remember that minors are present so moderate your language, thanks.

all|Write /help for list of commands

all|Most commands explain how to use them if you add a ? at the end

all|Don't try to hug a creeper!

all|Spiders might look cute and cuddly, but they're not!

all|Follow us on Twitter.  Main accounts: hankscorpiouk, kewlmcserver

all|Write /tip to see more of these

all|If you get lost you can write /spawn /home or /compass

all|Write /motd to see the Message of the Day :)

all|Use /sendmail to send messages to people who are offline.

all|Youtube is great for Minecraft tutorials!

all|Hacking/Cheating/Duping/Griefing = BAN.

all|Regularly visit the website for blog updates, new info and forum stuff :)

all|Upgrading to Silver, Gold or Platinum membership has many benefits!

all|Press F3 to find out where you are

all|NEVER ask for a promotion.  You'll get it when we're ready.

all|Hold F1 down while pressing F2 to take a screenshot

all|Please suggest more tips! :)

all|Use furnaces as a light source if things get desperate and you've no torches

all|Make money by using the /auction and /shop commands....or making sign-shops.

all|Build nice things and follow the rules to increase chances of promotion :)

all|The best way to protect your things is by being part of a town

all|A few Towns can get together to found a Nation :)


all|Get FRAPS from the Downloads section on website to record video! :)

all|Look at the website before you ask Hank or an Admin something

all|Report griefing, rule-breaking etc - you'll be rewarded

all|Don't forget to protect your chests with /lwc or /cprivate commands

all|Admins don't walk around with TNT.  If you get mugged and griefer uses your TNT, you'll be partly responsible.

all|Regulars and above can use /who as well as /playerlist

all|Tip - Loose change

all|Porn is a good way to quickly obtain wood!" -Hank

all|Think about DC'ing if you go AFK, otherwise someone might PvP you :o

all|DC = Disconnect.  PvP = Player Vs Player.  AFK = Away From Keyboard.

all|RULE- Close doors and gates behind you, especially in other ppl's

houses and towns.

all|RULE- Keep public chat to ENGLISH

all|RULE- NEVER ignore admins or mods.

all|Hank / Hankscorpiouk = owner

all|For seduction of girls, Axe Dark Temptation is the way to go! -Spangel

all|What is a tip? -22hamen

all|Make a note of these tips!

all|Write /claim toggle and punch the ground to claim land for your town!

all|Relog if you're invisible or world looks glitchy

all|If you're confused about something write /tip and you'll probably find useful answer

all|RULE- Dispose of anything you shouldn't have.

all|If you're unsure about something; don't do it, or ask first!

all|Use /sendmail to report problems to Hank and Admins


all|Don't ask mods/admins/hank to tp you and your friends around the map, you'll just irritate them.

all|Ask admins/mods to make warps to your stuff so if something goes seriously wrong, we can easily find them.


all|First town expansion comes at 3 residents!  Then 6 I think!  The rest is for you to see


Vips|You can use /tp to telelport yourself to people.  But ask people first.

Vips|If someone asks you not to /tp to them, respect that.


SeniorMods|Please keep an eye on new people.

SeniorMods|If someone is causing problems use /kick /jail /mute

SeniorMods|Use /preview to inspect inventories.  /restore when finished

SeniorMods|Use /scan to search through invs for contraband and to confiscate it

SeniorMods|Please let me know about people who need to be banned.

SeniorMods|Once Pink status is removed from someone, they're FORGIVEN.  Leave them alone :P

SeniorMods|Don't overdo the TNT please.

SeniorMods|Give warps good descriptive names.

SeniorMods|Don't forget about /listplugins and /enableplugin.  List of stuff that should ALWAYS be running on website.

SeniorMods|If a plugin is acting strange, use /reloadplugin on it


JuniorMods|Please keep an eye on new people.

JuniorMods|Please encourage people to visit and register at the site.

JuniorMods|If someone is causing problems use /kick /jail /mute

JuniorMods|Use /scan to search through invs for contraband.

JuniorMods|Please let me know about people who need to be banned.

JuniorMods|Once Pink status is removed from someone, they're FORGIVEN.  Leave them alone :P

JuniorMods|Don't forget about /listplugins and /enableplugin.  List of stuff that should ALWAYS be running on website.

JuniorMods|If a plugin is acting strange, use /reloadplugin on it


GoldMods|Admins and Gold Mods remember to use Cuboid's /csave for added protection to your work!


Reds|NEVER spawn things for anyone else.  Remember, no freebies.

Reds|NEVER sell spawned items at any time

Reds|Please keep an eye on mods and new people

Reds|Don't overdo the TNT please.

Reds|Admins and Gold Mods remember to use Cuboid's /csave for added protection to your work!

Reds|Please let me know about people who need to be banned.

Reds|Once Pink status is removed from someone, they're FORGIVEN.  Leave them alone :P

Reds|If someone is causing problems use /kick /jail /mute

Reds|RULE- Remeber to protect any spawned valuables you place, or they'll be stolen.

Reds|Use /preview to inspect inventories.  /restore when finished

Reds|Use /scan to search through invs for contraband and to confiscate it

Reds|Give warps good descriptive names.

Reds|Before you scoop out a big pile of hill or ground with Cuboid, make sure no-one lives in there. :P

Reds|Don't forget about /listplugins and /enableplugin.  List of stuff that should ALWAYS be running on website.

Reds|If a plugin is acting strange, use /reloadplugin on it


Pinks|You did something seriously wrong, and have been PINKIFIED!


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all|During a large building project, it's a good idea to auction the materials, not give it for free.


"May god have mercy on my enemies, because I sure as hell won't" - Winston Churchill

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