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Useful commands (remember adding ? at the end shows you how to use)














/playerlist  /who






/money top

/money top 20


/money pay




/shop list buy

/shop list sell


/lottery    /lot




/tp (VIP and above)

/tphere (MOD and ADMIN)

/warp (Golds and above)


/setwarp (Golds and above)

/removewarp (ADMIN)






/getpos( show's you your co-ordinates in world.  You can also press F3 for something similar)


/ex (puts our nearby fires)





/jail (MOD and ADMIN)

/jail -r (release from jail) ("      ")

/kick (MOD and ADMIN)

/mute (MOD and ADMIN)




Cuboid Commands (ADMIN and GOLD MODS only):



/protect (pls only use this in EMERGENCIES!  Towns are for protecting TBH)




















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