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Hey guys, just wanted to hit you up for some advice......

Does this look like a "NINETEEN" year old to you guys?


He just applied to get on whitelist.

As everyone knows by now you generally need to be 18+ to come here.

Here's another from a "TWENTY-FOUR" year old....

In reply to, "Your Skype?", he said, "my parents say i can only add people not actual talk to them".


@ under 18 year olds....

TL;DR version:  Fuck off.....or gimme monehz!  No, not stolen parent's credit card!

Longer version:  We require our members to be mature, this means you must be at least 18 years of age.  If you do not like this there are 4 options:

1) Play in traffic.

2) Come back when you're >= 18.  You're 14?  TS.

3) Make a financial donation now, BEFORE we let you on.

4) Click here.

*tips hat*


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